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Heero Khushrenada

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1 Heero Khushrenada on Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:04 am


Heero Khushrenada

Picture ID

General Information

Summarized Character Information
Face Claim:
Ji-Tae Yu

Character Name:
Heero Khushrenada

“Hashtag”; “Tech Boy”; “Tic-Toc”

Narcissistic personality disorder (“Self-Love”)

Date of Birth:
February 7th


War Dogs’ Hunter (Tech & Traps)
Weapons Developer for DARPA (2 years)

Homeschooled (Advanced Student)
2 Years Mechanical Engineering at MIT

English, Japanese & Korean
Most Programming Languages

Coven Affiliation:
Only loyal to the War Dogs
(utter loathing for the supernatural)

188 cm

63 kg

Eye Color:
Dark Brown

Hair Color:
Raven Black

Japanese-Korean descent

Ryukyuan (Asian)

No Piercings
(hides weapon components subcutaneous)

Several Blueprint Tattoos (chest)
Several Coding Tattoos (wrists & arms)

Numerous scars from implants
(hides weapon parts beneath his skin)

Alternate Forms:
No physical alternate forms
(numerous video game characters)

Species Information: “Ordinary” Human

“Only the victors are allowed to live. The world is merciless like that.”

Humans are the most common inhabitants of the world, an evident fact anywhere but in Soteria. Here the apex predator of planet Earth finds itself at the bottom of the food chain, the hunter becoming the hunted by the array of Supernaturals in this city. But it’s rooted in the Human nature to fight back, to reclaim their throne. All War Dogs despite their diversity have succeeded in that department, once more allowing humans to don the predatory cloak. Heero counts himself among their ranks, not sharing the hunters’ typical physical prowess but possessing a fatal mind for those whose blood’s been tainted. Humans don’t possess supernatural abilities, lacking those traits that define some creatures as genuine predators while remaining vulnerable to time, disease and injury.

It’s that human ingenuity that sets him apart from the other War Dogs, using technology to lend him the deathly edge over most supernatural beings. He’s notorious for using traps, gadgets and advanced weaponry of his own design. For that he favors a more indirect approach to killing, allowing his sinister brilliance to flourish rather than depending on strength or dexterity. That’s not to say that Heero can’t stand his ground in a close encounter, proving a natural with the weapon of his ancestor: Tanto. Regardless Heero proves to be a true ambush predator often luring creatures into a designated site for the War Dogs where his mechanical marvels unleash a storm of steel, fire or specialty ammunition. In addition, he supplies the War Dogs with personalized gadgets and weapons while developing means to exploit supernatural vulnerabilities in the field.

Special Abilities:

Despite being merely human and deprived of supernatural abilities, Heero like the rest of the War Dogs does possess a unique set of talents to help level the playing field. These are skills rather than powers, developed through practice and perfected over time, each War Dog having been selected by Griff for that very reason.

Weapon Development
Heero during his time at MIT was recruited by DARPA to develop advanced modern weaponry for the government only to be fired from that position two years later for maleficence. His vast understanding of mechanical engineering has allowed him to create weapons that allow humans to outclass creatures with ease. His ingenuity allowed him to invent ammunition that exploits supernatural weaknesses, from combustive rounds to silver-laced bullets.

Hunter Intuition
Being schooled and trained by Griff has ensured that each of the War Dogs, Heero included are blessed with an encyclopedic memory for all things supernatural. Understanding one’s enemy allows him to defeat them by exploiting their weaknesses or turning their strengths against them. It also provides him with the necessary reflexes and instincts required.

Combat Training
While the other War Dogs are all combat veterans with years of military experience, Heero was a street thug before Griff took him in. This means his fighting style immensely differs from the tactical approach of his fellow War Dogs. He’s a stealth fighter, requiring the element of surprise and a few cutthroat tricks to compensate for his physical limitations.

Mechanical Nightmare
“You’re in my house now, b*tch”. This statement is morbidly accurate when it comes to Heero for wherever you find this man comfortably and relaxed, you can be certain that one just entered a death trap. As a mechanical engineer and cunning genius he has the uncanny ability of creating a site where even a single step can prove a fatal mistake; snares, spring-traps and fully automatic autonomous guns are but a few tricks from Heero’s playbook.


Death Site
Builds traps to kill or capture creatures
Loves building and fixing mechanical things
Worships every form of modern technology


Vulnerable to time, disease and injury
Only as good as the tricks up his sleeve
Pathological fear of blood & bodily fluids

Personality Information

“Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone”

Heero is a man torn by an emotional duality being both a hunter and a man horrified by blood. On the surface he’ll appear cold and reserved, seldom allowing his emotions to show beyond a sinister smirk or a grim glare. Hiding his true feelings behind an impassive mask, it’s his quiet determination that allowed him to survive with the War Dogs. With patience and an unnerving calmness he analyses every situation before acting, taking in consideration every possible move and angle before turning the battlefield in his favor. Unlike some of Griff’s other protégés, Heero favors his anonymity and will maintain a certain distance between himself and the others. On the hunt he’ll even be affiliated with masks, establishing a certain neutrality while at the same time hiding any weaknesses that might rise in the heat of battle.

He displays a love for war, having developed an addiction for the thrill of battle over his years with the War Dogs. This fascination with the “kill”, believed by Heero to be an unappreciated form of art, is however in strong contrast to his utter unwillingness to get his hands dirty. To him the hunt might as well be a chess game, putting his own wit up against a supernatural being’s natural gifts. For that there’s no greater honor to Heero than beating such a foul beast in single combat, although preferably from a safe distance by one of his contraptions or designed weapons rather than an actual physical altercation. With such a mentality comes a sense of pride and unfortunately for Heero’s case no small amount of arrogance as well. There’s a disturbing sense of self-entitlement and false superiority that some of the War Dogs have attributed to this man and who could fault them?

But Heero’s greatest flaw must undoubtedly be his narcissistic nature that has ruffled numerous feathers in the past. There’s an uncanny vanity associated with this young man, a misplaced sense of superiority that originated from a past life as “untouchable”. His intellect, brilliant as he might be will only feed his arrogance. That narcissism also resulted in an emotional rift between himself and any romantic partner from his past. Such relations seldom last more than a few nights ‘cause in the end Heero loves nobody more than himself. It’s not uncommon to find this War Dog declaring his own brilliance, patting himself on the back for a clever thought or even speak about himself in the third person. When Griff was still around, such behavior was harshly punished with a sharp right hook; without that father figure now in his life, it’s up to the War Dog’s new commander to keep his ego in check.


Cruel Mind Games
Okonomiyaki dinners
Advanced Booby-traps
Indirect Ambush Combat
Awamori preferably “Kuusuu”


Getting his Hands Dirty
Brawn over Brain Mentality
No Technological Appreciation
War Dogs’ Disrespecting his Genius
Anything & Everything Supernatural

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