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Kimberly Dempsey

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1 Kimberly Dempsey on Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:05 am


Kimberly Dempsey
Picture ID

General Information
Summarized Character Information
Face Claim:
Malena Morgan

Character Name:
Kimberly Dempsey (née Roselyn)

Kim (friends)
Kiki (husband)
Kimmy (friends)
Kimber (parents)
Cunt (stepdaughter)

Appears in her early 20’s
Recently celebrated her 27th birthday

Date of Birth:
14th of July

Bicurious (denial)
Married for Money

Currently a Trophy Wife
Former Competitive Gymnast
Retired Fitness Model (cover girl)

Graduated Highschool
Athletic Scholarship (Stanford)
Two Years on the National Gymnastics Team

English (Tennessee Accent)
Romani (Second Language)
French (at Highschool Level)
Spanish (Simple Conversations)
Russian (Fluent Conversational)

Coven Affiliation:

Currently undecided
(leaning towards Bellona Coven)



Eye Color:
Blueish Gray

Hair Color:
Walnut Brown

Eastern European (Caucasian)

No piercings other than ears
Considering a tattoo (stars & swallow on pelvis)

Alternate Forms:
No alternative forms available

Naiad – Water Nymph Information
“Your Grace Abounds in Deepest Waters”
Species Description:

The Naiad are creatures of ancient lore presiding over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of fresh water. These creatures are a variation of the traditional water nymphs and a distant relative of the river gods of old. They’re the living embodiment of fresh spring water, full of life and natural beauty. While they’re “immortal” in the sense that time does not affect them but only for as long as their original source is flowing. When the water they originated from gets polluted, a Naiad will fall ill and wither; when the source is dried up, the Naiad will simply fade from existence…

Kimberly was born from a small spring in the Nantahala National Forest on the Tennessee border and placed up for adoption. She never knew where her roots were, nor what she’s capable off as a Naiad having only discovered hints of her true powers. She can breathe underwater and being an elemental creature made out of water she’s impossibly flexible (gelatinous bone structure). She never grows hungry, capable of surviving on water alone. Any physical harm to her can be undone by submerging herself in fresh water and even fatal injuries can be restored when returning her to the original source from which she sprang. Unfortunately for Kimberly, nobody knows exactly where that spring is located.

With the Naiad being Water elementals, their weaknesses are inherited from their original element. For Kimberly that means “Fresh Water”. Should her original source ever be polluted, she’d get sick the severity of her malady depending on the corruption gradation. When the water dries up completely, her time in this world will come at an abrupt end. Being water personified, Kimberly is extremely vulnerable to electricity being it from lightning or magically conjured. There are also ancient spells that can bind a Water Elemental, trapping them in a magical vessel. Extreme heat will also affect her, causing profuse transpiration and a general lack of energy similar to severe heat exhaustion.

Naiad Abilities:

Aquatic Adaptation
All Naiad are classified as Water Elementals who are by nature adapted to survive and even thrive in water. For Kimberly this means she can breathe underwater, maintaining all her senses in this aquatic medium while enduring the extreme pressure and cold of deep waters. For her however this adaptation is strictly limited to fresh water. Salt water affects her entirely differently, making her nauseous and disoriented in a matter of seconds after initial exposure.

Naiads are the element Water personified who can induce a curious phenomenon known as Self-Liquification. This means that they can turn their body back and forth into water, allowing them to slip through walls, escape every place that’s not considered “water-proof” or even dodge attacks by adopting this amorphous state. Unfortunately Kimberly hasn’t quite mastered this skill yet, only having this occur by accident at the most inconvenient of times. Kimberly did notice that she’s extremely flexible, due to her aquatic nature and gelatinous bones.

Water Restoration
Kimberly did discover the restorative properties that fresh water has on her. Submerging a wound in fresh water will swiftly restore her to pristine condition, the restorative time depending on the severity of the injury. Fatal injuries however require the very waters she originated from, which would mean returning to the source of her birth. Since Kimberly is unaware of its existence, there’s no way of using this miraculous curative opportunity.

Talented Gymnast (Uneven Bars)
Capable of Surviving Underwater
Naturally Gifted in the Art of Seduction

Extremely Susceptible to Lightning
Easily Trapped by Magic in Aquatic Form
Completely Oblivious of her Naiad Heritage

“So you keep your oceans, I’ll take the Lake”
Fresh Water (rivers & lakes)
Any Intense Physical Workout
The Better Things in Life (money & luxury)

Salt Water (Seas & Oceans)
The White Trash Lifestyle (Trailer Parks)
Any Man that Sees of Women as Property
Personality Description:

Kimberly is a small town girl with big city dreams. She is ambitious enough for two, willing to venture into those gray zones to see her wishes fulfilled. It’s that kind of determination that makes her strive towards perfection. But the road to perfection demands plenty of personal sacrifices, resulting in the vain, jealous and superficial girl many see when first meeting Kimberly. Most don’t see past the big rock on her finger, the fancy car or the grand mansion her rich husband bought her, not to mention the designer clothing and expensive jewelry she so cherishes. It was growing up in misery and dreaming of the other side of the white picket fence that made her value all those things so much.

But there’s more to Kimberly than pretty trinkets and clothes. She’s a determined girl, confident enough to voice her opinion to the world and willing to make sacrifices to see her dreams come true. Kimberly turns out to be a real sweetheart, a kind and generous soul yearning for true love. Waking up each morning beside a man that only looks at her as another trophy, makes her feel hollow inside. Each day alone in that dream house of hers makes her grow more bored and desperate for some genuine affection. That’s why in the recent months she’s been looking for new thrills, embracing every adventure that comes her way and going out of her way to try new things. Back in the day she was too timid to indulge herself in personal fantasies but with too much time and money that’s an entire different story. Only time can tell what new experiences she will pursue…

But there is a part to Kimberly that even she doesn’t fully understand, a hidden truth residing deep within that only recently began to reveal itself. It’s a magical serenity that comes over her when stepping into fresh water. With every dive in the pool, her woes and troubles wash away in an instance only to reveal a calmer version of herself. It’s that same spiritual balance she first discovered when grabbing onto the uneven bars. Kimberly can actually lose herself in any form of physical exercise but especially in water her true nature comes out. It’s in this place that she gets in touch with the Naiad within, seeing only glimpses of the tranquil life that she could have when finally surrendering to her elemental existence. It will take time and likely a special person to let her fully embrace that part of her own identity but only time will tell.

Background History
May Contain Graphic Content such as Violence, Sex and other…

Born from some nameless spring in the Nantahala National Forest, Kimberly was found by some hikers and dropped off at the local church for adoption. Without parents to claim her or any clear way of identifying her, the baby girl ended up in the foster system and eventually in the loving care of the Roselyn family. Jane and Patrick Roselyn were simple blue collar people from suburban Nashville that with Kimberly saw their dream of having kids finally fulfilled…

She had a simple life, the first few years growing up in a small one-bedroom apartment until that place grew too small and the couple moved to a sleazy trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks. With money worse than tight, the family struggled and desperately relied on everyone chipping in. That’s why they pushed little Kimber so hard. Since it was obvious she wasn’t a straight-A student, they needed her to do her best in the one sport she did excel at: gymnastics. Kimberly practiced every day, earning herself a spot on the school team and even earning herself some national titles…

Gymnastics allowed her to escape the gloomy trailer park existence, earning her an athletic scholarship to Stanford University. Her grades weren’t all too impressive, but at least she got herself a diploma at the end of the four year program. She also was noticed by people other than coaches, landing herself a few modeling gigs for fitness and health magazines. This paid good money and introduced her to the world of luxury she’d only read about. Designer dresses, expensive jewelry and all the shoes she could dream off all of a sudden were there at her whim. A few months later she even married a man to guarantee herself this glamorous lifestyle, a successful older gentleman that make her a stepmother to a girl only a few years younger than her…

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