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Mosi Abimbola

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1 Mosi Abimbola on Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:05 am


Mosi Abimbola
Picture ID

General Information
Summarized Character Information
Face Claim:
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Character Name:
Mosi Abimbola (official)
Nyoka ya Makala (birth name)

Black Mamba (street alias)
Nyoka ya Makala (Name of birth)
Saint Misère (Haitian Pseudonym)
Monsieur Clarinette (Coven nickname)

Appears in his early 20’s
Celebrated his 25th birthday

Date of Birth:
24th of June

Strictly Heterosexual

Bokor (Makaya Vodou priest)
Clarinet Jazz Musician (official)
Adrasteia Intelligence (suspected)

Primary School Completed
Secondary School Incomplete
No Higher Education Completed

English (creole accent)
Kikongo (native language)
Creole French (rudimentary)
Haitian Creole (second language)

Coven Affiliation:
Sells information to everyone with cash
Works intelligence for the Adrasteia coven
Controls several spies within Bellona coven



Eye Color:
Dark Brown

Hair Color:
Raisin Black


African Mask tattoo on left arm

Alternate Forms:
No alternative physical forms

“Those who don’t believe in black magic, will never see the hex coming”
Species Description:

Mosi is what they call a Bokor, one of priests in the Makaya division of Vodou. To simplify that statement one can simply state that he’s a sorcerer who channels his magical energy through the practice of what the common man knows as Voodoo. This means he practices an indirect form of magic, using sympathetic rituals, cursed poppets and enchanted talismans for his spellcraft.

A Bokor like Mosi refrains from using traditional spells, instead resorting to an arsenal of ritual curses and hexes requiring a medium of sorts to transfer the intended effect to his intended mark. Because of this, his magic affects people after a certain delay period. This period varies from offensive hexes taking but a few minutes to come in effect while others can maliciously strike days after casting.

Contrary to most Makaya Vodou practitioners, Mosi has no aspirations in necromancy. This means he ignores the whole “zombification” aspect of his art. He understands the principles and is capable of concocting the deadening potion containing poison extracted from puffer fish. Mosi however loathes those seeking to reanimate the dead and avoids them fanatically.

Species Abilities:

Effigy Creation
Mosi is a Bokor with an extraordinary gift for the creation of effigies. Personally favoring the simplified poppets made out of twine, he can inflict a brief sharp pain in a specific spot on a person or dull lingering ache by inserting needles in the effigy. Unfortunately to make such a cursed doll, he needs a few materials from the target person including blood, hair and a recent photograph of the person. A downside to these poppets is that they work for anyone using them once the ritual was completed.

Sympathetic Magic
Like most practitioners of Makaya Vodou, Mosi wields a form of sorcery known as Sympathetic Magic. By establishing a link between an object in the real world and an exact replica of that intended item, he can manipulate said object regardless of the distance. This magic however is limited by two principles: Law of Similarity & Law of Contact/Contagion. The link between the “replica” and the actual object is temporary, demanding energy from Mosi to enable the remote manipulation. The greater the distance, the more energy required. For example he can light a candle a mile away with an ordinary match but if it’s on the other end of the world he’ll need a furnace to establish the flame.

Psychometric Intuition
Most people don’t come to Mosi for his Vodou magic, but for his exceptional talent for discovering people’s secrets and extracting sensitive information. He does all this through a morbid ritual, offering blood, chicken bones and the burning of a personal item. That’s all smoke and mirrors as his talent is no more than Psychometric Intuition. Touching an item allows him to perceive the residual information about the person owning the item along with some of the memories of the object involved. That’s how he finds out secrets that he then sells on to the people that pay good money for them.

Talented in acquiring information
Playing the ‘Favor for a Favor’ Game
Deceivingly charming and persuasive

Cannot use traditional spells
Requires personal items for his magic
Despite the magic, he is still a mortal man

“A lie has many variations, the truth does not”
Baron Samedi (personal idol of his)
Running (helps clears his thoughts)
Religious symbolism (superstitious)

Witches denying that magic is power
Sorcerers lacking a flair for the dramatic
People that think they can buy everything

Personality Description:

Magic is a wondrous thing for most people, but to some it can prove a curse that taints and corrupts those blessed with such gifts. This was the case for the young Mosi Abimbola when he first discovered his talents. It stirred an appetite for power within him, a ravishing curiosity towards grim subjects that most people rather avoided. That being said, his knowledge of the twisted and macabre does benefit from this morbid curiosity. By continuously delving into the black crypts of the Dark Arts, he’s gathered an impressive collecting of sinister tomes and cursed objects for a man his age.

Mosi yearns for recognition, to leave his mark on the world no matter the cost. It’s that ego of his that gets him in trouble, that unwillingness to admit defeat and accept someone else’s authority. He’s headstrong and ambitious, but rather vulnerable to temptation. His reputation means everything to him and Mosi is not afraid to spread rumors himself to add to his status. What people thing off him, is important to Mosi and anyone slandering his name will face his wrath. He’ll never be caught getting his hands dirty himself, preferring to act from behind the curtains rather than getting up close and physical with someone. But vengeance is something he’ll always get in the end for knowing everyone’s secrets, means having all the necessary clues to see his revenge happening.

But he’s not entirely the rotten apple people make him out to be. Mosi is a tentative person known to only make calculated decisions. He’s clever enough not to get caught and skilled enough to compete with the greats in the business. He lets people underestimate him because of his age only to prove them just how wrong it was to second guess Mosi Abimbola. But most dangerously of all is that charm of his, that dashing white smile that for a moment makes you forget all about how dangerous a figure he truly is. He’s deceivingly approachable, capable of worming his way in your heart and getting people comfortable enough to start talking despite knowing better.

Brief History
May Contain Graphic Content such as Violence, Sex and other…

Mosi grew up in a rundown orphanage in the so-called Democratic Republic of the Congo for as long as he could remember. He was only three when they left him the care of the nuns and only a few weeks under their wing before they began to suspect something was wrong about the child. The older he got, the weirder things got around the orphanage. The kids began calling him Nyoka ya Makala (Black Mamba in Kikongo) after the Reverend Mother Superior died from a Black Mamba snake bite the day after she gave Mosi a good thrashing for stealing from the kitchen. In the years that followed, more nuns mysteriously died or disappeared and by the age of ten Mosi ran the orphanage like a dictator. He turned his fellow orphans in spies and soldiers that fought with the guerrillas of the First Congo War…

It was a team of UN reporters that caught on to his activities as the reputation of the Nyoka ya Makala reached the Western world. The orphanage had been reduced to a camp of child soldiers and marauders who blindly followed Mosi’s every command. The journalists interviewed many kids but all of them refused to talk to them. “Mazabu” (information) was the only word they gave up before tucking tail and running when their self-proclaimed leader approached. Even these strangers knew that Mosi ran a tight ship, likely using “information” to keep everyone in check. That’s when one of the reporters stumbled upon the ritual chamber in the old orphanage chapel where hundreds of poppets hung from the rafters. Discovering that and documenting it on tape ended this chapter in Mosi’s life…

Nobody heard of the Nyoka ya Makala in the next eight years, many suspecting that the boy was arrested and executed by the Mobutu regime for the practicing of Vodou. Others said the discovering of the poppets had his “soldiers” turn against him in the most violent manner but that was all wishful thinking on their part. Truth be told Mosi simply fled that night, wishing to avoid the unavoidable questions that certainly would follow. He traveled to the West Coast of Africa where he hitched a ride on an oiler ship traveling to the Caribbean where he started anew. This time he set up shop in the slums of Port-au-Prince, beginning his own Vodou practice in the infamous Cité Soleil. Here he truly developed his talents under the alias of Saint Misère. People feared him not because of what he did but because of what the boy knew about every person there…

It’s here that he was first approached by a member of the Adrasteia coven from Soteria. Apparently a war of sorts had begun in the city among the two largest covens, each taking losses that neither could afford. It made them realize that a figure of his reputation and skill set might be a necessary evil to turn the odds in their favor. But Mosi didn’t move the next day. This time he made his preparations, adopting a new persona to better blend into the new city. He set out some of the Haitian followers he’d gathered over the years to get a better idea of things. And when the talented jazz musician with “creole” roots arrived in Soteria, there were already whispers going around town of a certain Monsieur Clarinette that through Vodou ritual is capable of obtaining secrets of people for a price…

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