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Reginald Amberly

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1 Reginald Amberly on Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:06 am


Reginald Amberly
Picture ID

General Information
Summarized Character Information
Face Claim:
Kit Harington

Character Name:
Reginald Donahue Amberly

Regis (nickname for friends)
Reggie (nickname for family)
Gerald Donahue (writer alias)


Date of Birth:


Children’s Novel Author
(Currently works on nautical adventure series)

Highschool level
University (dropped out)

Conversation French
Nautical Jargon
Cornish English
Sign Language

Coven Affiliation:

Regis tries to keep his nose out of people’s business especially when it comes to the coven rivalry currently tearing the city apart.

His personality however will make him fight for what he believes is right and that will likely put him against both covens at some point when he stands up for the people caught between.



Eye Color:
Dark Brown

Hair Color:
Dark Brown


Kraken Tattoo

Alternate Forms:
“White Stag” (see Abilities section)

“We are not always shaped by our parents. We're shaped by our choices”
Species Description:

Reginald is a rare White Hart, a mythical creature wandering through the tangled forests and wild moorlands. Each night when the full moon stands on the horizon, he goes through the magical transformation that turns man into a true white stag. There are many legends regarding this species but frankly little is true about the folklore. The one thing the fables have right, the White Stag can never be caught remaining always just out of reach of those that seek it out for selfish purposes.

Species Abilities:

Curse Negation
Anyone that seeks out Reginald during the monthly White Hart transformation and manages to touch the mythical animal will feel the magical potential that inspired so many legends. A sudden warmth will be experienced and any curse that may burden the person at that time will be lifted. In the past hunters chased him down for that very reason and never succeeded to even come close. Only those with a kind heart and a genuine need for the White Hart’s help, will be permitted this gift. All others will chase the deer till the end of the world and back only to find that time caught up with them.

Pure Barrier
The White Hart is capable of conjuring up a Pure Energy Barrier that acts as a shield to anyone standing directly behind the mythical animal. Reginald has no knowledge of this protective energy, nor can he recall the people that enjoyed his help. Since only the innocent are known get close enough to the White Hart to be granted this protection, it’s safe to say only those in need are saved.

Mist Generation
The only ability that Regis can actually consciously and actively use even out of the White Hart form, is Mist Generation. The reason why the mythical white stag has always eluded its hunters is because of the mist that always mysterious appears. Whenever startled the stag releases an impregnable screen of mist that allows it to get away or at least permit him to transform back before the hunters catch up. Even in his daily life he can generate fog whenever there’s a source of water in his vicinity.

Absolute Agility
The White Hart is believed to be truly uncatchable and thusfar that statement has been proven true. In this alternative form his ability to dodge, evade and elude is extraordinary, a true feat of legend. It’s not that he’s faster than an ordinary deer, just that it’s in his species’ nature to remain elusive. He can be caught but nobody so far has found a way to the stag before the white animal vanishes again. While the Hart can never be caught, the same definitely does not apply for Reginald who is in all aspects only human when the full moon isn’t on the night horizon.

Almost impossible to catch (Stag)
Capable of undoing powerful magic
Extremely aware of malicious intentions

Almost powerless in human form
Incapable of remember events in Stag form
Vulnerable to the hunter tools (spear & bow)
I want to fight for the people that deserve my protection
Genuine people (accepting of flaws)
Literature (discovering that one book)
Solitude (nothing’s better than quiet time)
Perfect people (those denying imperfections)
Hunters (anyone after the White Stag legend)
Non-Believers (people that only care for facts)
Personality Description:

One of those down to earth people, Regis is the kind of guy that can remain calm regardless of the situation. Cool as a cucumber he goes through life with a mellow open-mind and carefree attitude. Stress is one word that’s missing from his vocabulary, though at times this is perceived as a nonchalance that makes one think he doesn’t care. That’s far from true as Regis prides himself in being an industrious fellow who through hard work and effort achieved some form of excellence. He doesn’t mind putting in the work, it’s part of his nature to put time and effort in those things he loves and there’s a fair number of things he’s truly passionate about.

Regis is a true family man, a man who genuinely cares for his parents, siblings and other relatives regardless of their political ideas or ideologies. Having around with his many nephews, playing hide and seek with his younger sisters, he loves the company of friends and family. Having extended his family with a large circle of friends and companions, he simply adores those events that brings people together. He’s an amicable fellow who gets along with nearly everyone with perhaps the sole exception being those arrogant fools deeming themselves superior to others. One day he hopes to have a family of his own, a boy he can teach how to fly and a girl that could dance atop his feet during a picnic.

Unlike most Regis doesn’t aspire big ambitions such as becoming a famous author or a some successful individual. Nobody really knows this about Reginald but the future is one of the few things that’s seldom on his mind. He however loves the water and everything that lives within or around such environments. That’s what he’s writing about in his series these days, many fantastic stories of a world that goes just beneath the blue ocean horizon. He does desire some recognition, especially for his work hoping to leave his mark on the world even if it’s not his own name that goes down in the history books. He doesn’t need the fame or fortune, just knowing some will cherish his memory or enjoy the stories he brought to life is all he hopes for. Small ambitions but genuine ones.

Background History
May Contain Graphic Content such as Violence, Sex and other…

Reginald came from an immensely big family, a household with eight children (two older brothers, one older sister, three younger sisters and one baby brother on the way) that lived a rather simple life back in Polperro, England. There was never a quiet moment around the house, never a dull evening when all Amberly children gathered at the dinner table. Regis grew up loving and hating that place but most of all it taught him to appreciate the scarce moments that he got the house to himself. His parents were simple folk, his mom a marine biologist that loved to study the local wildlife while his father was a fisherman that would be away for weeks on end but always returning with gifts and trinkets for all his kids. But of all eight, he was something different, something that those people couldn’t explain…

It started when he was a teenager. Every time the full moon rose over the night’s horizon, he would be spotted sleepwalking to regions unknown. They’d find him the next morning somewhere near the forest’s edge clueless of what had occurred that night. It was his youngest sister Adeline that first discovered his secret, following him one evening when Reginald ventured out with that hazy look in his eyes. She tracked him into a nearby copse, a quiet spot where she’d often find her brother hiding when things were too hectic around the home. Instead this time she didn’t see the familiar face of her big brother, but a majestic white stag staring towards the moon above. She snuck closer until a twig snapped beneath her foot. That’s when the animal turned towards her, a sudden onset of mist filling the small clearing between the trees until only a shadow of that wondrous creature remained. Adeline ran after it but the White Hart was nowhere to be found. This became like a game to her. Each month she’d try to see her brother transform and then confront him but the Hart eluded her time and time again. It were silly things that drew the creature’s attention, the perfume on her person, the subtle puff of fog coming from her lips with each breathe…

Nobody believed Adeline. She’d come home each night after another failed hunt to tell about the chase and her brothers and sisters would laugh. All in England knew of the Arthurian Tale of the White Hart. They just figured their six year old sister was having vivid dreams or just a wild imagination but the more she talked about the antlered beauty, the more familiar her words struck to Regis. He too began to believe it, finding too many details of her story to be true. A tear in his jeans when he got caught on the splintery edge of the staircase railing, a still-damp moss stain on his white sneakers. Not to mention the damn mist that would somehow always stir up when something spooked him. But it couldn’t be true and to this very day Regis is still not convinced that his little sister is the only person that knows the truth about him. Not even he knows that come the full moon the White Stag takes over from within. So he went to ignore the stories and began writing his own. Several of his short stories in highschool won awards, his first fiction work at Cambridge even got the attention of some publishers but never did Regis write about the fable of the White Stag…

Today Reginald has moved out of his parents’ house and gone to find himself a place in the world to call his own. While he never completed University, he believed it still served its purpose as it helped him discover the person he was meant to be: a writer. It took him two years to figure out his style and yet it was in an old passion of his that he found inspiration. His father had bestowed upon him a love for the sea and the many mysteries the deep blue still held and this gave him the idea for the “Beyond the Tide” series. He never cared for the stiffness of proper literature, never felt attracted to the idea of being a renowned published author. Instead he wanted to intrigue and fascinate an audience with tales of wonder, magic and lovable characters. This resulted in the first of many children’s novels that he published under the alias Gerald Donahue. To keep his momentum going, Regis even moved to a town so rich with characters and impossibilities that it would be impossible to ever run out of ideas. A place called Soteria that seemed surprisingly inviting to him. Little did he know that unlike Regis himself, the locals were keenly aware of his secret, somehow sensing the magic that resided within. Now the White Hart wanders the woods around the village upon each full moon aiding those caught between the warring covens that tear the town apart…

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