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Takeshi Hotsuma

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1 Takeshi Hotsuma on Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:07 am


Takeshi Hotsuma
Picture ID

General Information
Summarized Character Information
Face Claim:
Tom Wu

Character Name:
Takeshi Hotsuma

Taki (friends & family)
Pheoros (see biography)
The Blind Sage (mockery)

Appears to be in his 40’s
First summoned in 1638

Date of Birth:
Created on December 9th 1637
(see bio for more info)

Polysexual (blind to all gender-identities)
Aromantic (no interest in “love” & “sex”)

Irezumi artist
(traditional Japanese style tattoos)

Depends on the owner of the Pheoros idol
(currently his own choice because unowned)

Tokugawa Shogunate Tutelage
(no formal education since the Edo Period)

37 years Irezumi apprenticeship
(taught by Yoshitsugu Muramatsu)

Chūsei Nihongo (17th century Japanese)
Kantō-ben (modern Edo Japanese dialect)
English (but with a strong Japanese accent)
Katakana (dated version of Japanese script)

Coven Affiliation:
Depends on who owns the Pheoros idol
(see Species Information for details)


172 lbs

Eye Color:
Opaque white (blind)

Hair Color:
Obsidian Black Queue

Oriental (Ryukyuan)

Full Irezumi Bodysuit (Picture)

Alternate Forms:
Takeshi is the will of a Pheoros idol personified
(Click for the Pheoros idol of the 17th century)

“ I fear my mind is gradually following my body into bondage”
Pheoros Description:

*** DISCLAIMER: This is a unique specie exclusively designed for this cult & character***

In the heart of the Edo Period in feudal Japan, magic was a practice reserved to dark alleyways and obscure characters in the shadier parts of the principle cities. The Pheoros story began in one of those ill-fortuned shops in the village just outside of Hara Castle. It started with an expensively detailed bronze toy made for the daughter of Matsukura Shigemasa, the prominent feudal lord entrusted with the government of the Shimabara Domain. The statuette depicting a jester with bright crimson robes and gold-leaf details witnessed the horrible death of its young owner when the Shimabara Rebellion and from that day forth it began to lead a life of its own…

Today the Pheoros idol is a sentient object capable of personifying its own desires into a corporal form. That resulted in an existential paradox where the inanimate gives life to the animate for that’s what or better yet whom Takeshi Hotsuma is. Desire of the object to be among the living allowed him to be summoned, to walk freely in the world and discover the things that the idol cannot behold on its own. Unfortunately whomever owns the bronze statue, seems to be able to command it reducing Takeshi to their servant to do as they bid without question. An accident damaged the idol’s face leaving both the figure and the man forever blind to the world’s beauty. In its place the man developed the very abilities that his first owner had envisioned for the Pheoros…

As the living embodiment of a sentient object’s desire, Takeshi possesses the magical abilities that the first owner of the statuette attributed to her toy. Since he’s not actually a living entity, he isn’t affected by things like a person would be. Time has no hold on him, nor does sickness or injury. When he dies, the body simply dissipates taking a decade before the Pheoros is capable of reproducing it. But that strength is also his greatest weakness for the idol is vulnerable without the man to protect it. Damage the figure and the man will feature the same scars, destroy the Pheoros and the living embodiment will disappear forever. And worse of all whomever owns the statue, commands the man…

Pheoros Abilities:

Seismic Perception
While blind, Takeshi learnt how to navigate by detecting the subtle vibrations in the walls and floor. The tapping with his walking cane assists in this process, giving him plenty of signals to pick up on during the daily obstacle course that is the life of a blind man.

Shinobi Training
While he never had any formal training in martial arts, the original owner of the Pheoros had attributed him with a wide assortment of combative techniques and martial arts derived from traditional Ninjutsu. Despite being blind he can fight like an oriental master with years of experience.

Scatter Shot
Takeshi can focus the energy of the sun into a direct projected volley of light blasts. Four individual pulses can be fired simultaneously, each splitting into four smaller beams once they reach beyond the ten feet mark. These attacks are “light” attacks, aimed to blind and not kill.

The Pheoros is a sentient object made out of bronze, meaning that unlike “creatures” it isn’t affected by time. This makes Takeshi immortal in the sense that he’ll never die off old age, sickness or injury. Killing the man will only drain the idol but enough time will allow him to return in physical form.

Free of emotional vulnerabilities (Zen)
Designs and inks Irezumi tattoos by touch
While the Pheoros exists, so does Takeshi
Detects vibrations via contact with the ground
Unaffected by things that don’t damage bronze

Owning the idol, controls the man
Flames above 913° will kill the man
Destroying the idol will destroy the man
Any damage to the idol, is done to the man
Magic made the Pheoros, it can also undo it.

“The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness
Grooming Bonsai trees
Meditating in the Zen garden
Ink Wash Painting with Nara Black

Abusive owners of the Pheoros
Absolutely hates English Breakfast tea
People without an appreciation for tradition

Personality Description:

First impressions will have people think that Takeshi has the personality of a dead goldfish for the man shows no emotions to the outside world. Always he walks the streets with that same blank expression on his face. The opaque stare of his doesn’t exactly help him appear approachable and few people can ever look past his very obvious blindness. It turns out that the sentient object truly has a will of its own. And yet all those people are missing out on the man conjured by the Pheoros.

He is a very spiritual person, seeking the delicate balance within to achieve peace of mind. For years he lived in silent isolation, free to his own devices as the Pheoros statue was forgotten. During this time he explored his own desires, finding the things he enjoyed most while discovering the person he was meant to be. This reflects in his unshakable confidence and strong moral compass. Nothing can shake his resolve or undermine his personal believes. Even when he gets commanded by the idol’s owner to do something against his ideology, he’ll do so with a heavy heart and a guilty conscious bound by ancient magic to comply. That’s why many owners of the Pheoros eventually died by his hand as resent is a vicious weapon for someone unaffected by time.

There are flaws to being the living embodiment of a sentient object’s will. Takeshi lacks the emotional diversity that’s expected from average people. Having achieved perfect Zen himself makes it harder to relate to the feelings and doubts of others. Being blind deprives him of the many beautiful things that exist all around him while also making it harder to judge a person’s character. Being that wise blind master stereotype he can prove rather blunt at times when voicing his concerns and thoughts. And yet there is merit in heeding his council, after all Takeshi has been around for more than five centuries.

Background History
May Contain Graphic Content such as Violence, Sex and other…

No bio on this one, if you want to know his story, you’ll have to meet him in RP.

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