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Emily Quinn

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1 Emily Quinn on Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:54 am



Identification Card

Witch/Wizard Registration

Personal Information

Ministry Required Information

Face Claim

Lily Collins


Emily Dempsey (née Quinn)





Sex & Gender

Female & Female



Marital Status

Married to Keith Dempsey

Place of Birth:

Conwy, Wales, UK

Alma Mater:

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw

Blood Status:



13" Cedar Unicorn Hair


Red Squirrel

Apparition License:



Common Welsh Green


Brilliant - Stubborn - Creative - Playful - Dreamy

Once upon a time people would have picked Emily Quinn for your typical Ravenclaw wallflower; exceptionally brilliant but dreadfully timid and so introvert that barely anyone noticed her during the first four years at that fine wizarding institute. She was always that kind of girl too smart for her own good. Every free period she spent nose deep in a dusty old book from the library or carefully copying notes. Every holiday she attended lectures at the Muggle college where her father worked just to satisfy her insatiable curiosity. But all that intellect prevented the world from discovering the girl beyond all that cleverness and wit.

That side of her only surfaced after she met Keith who crashed through her defensive walls and revealed the magnificent complexity of Emily Quinn. It turned out that those smarts of her hid a creative and dreamy individual. Emily proved to be an imaginative soul once she lowered her guard, full of life and surprises, with a sense for whimsy and adventure. To bring out that side of her personality however, she needs to be perfectly comfortable around people. To join that inner circle one must first earn her trust, which is hard won and easily lost due to the woes endured in her past.

But it’s not always sunshine and rainbows with Emily Quinn. She can be impossibly stubborn and headstrong to a fault. There are only a few people that can make her change her mind once it’s made up. Because of this, she can prove quite the hassle in an argument, refusing to admit that she’s wrong no matter how convincing the other party’s perspective is. That stubbornness goes hand in hand with the kind of patience that knows no bounds. She’s one of those “forgive but never forget” kind of people, which unfortunately also means that she holds a grudge.

Background Information

Records of Education and Work History.


School(s) Attended:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Classes & Grades:

Charms: E
Potions: O
Herbology: O
Astronomy: A
Transfiguration: E
Muggle Studies: O
Defense Against Dark Arts: E


Prefect for House Ravenclaw
Head Girl for House Ravenclaw

Clubs & Extracurriculars:

3 years Duelling Club
2 years Ravenclaw Chaser
7 years Hogwarts Orchestra


Job Title

Upon graduating from Hogwarts, Emily decided to pursue a Healer career at St Mungo’s Hospital of Magical Maladies and Injuries. With all the qualifying N.E.W.T. scores under her belt and the support of her boyfriend, she completed her initial training program with flying colors. Next she began to specialize herself in “Potions and Plant Poisoning” for this particular field of wizarding magic combined all her interests with a promising career prospect. Currently in her last year of that internship, Emily today is addressed as Healer Dempsey after marrying her Hogwarts boyfriend.

Skills & Abilities

Encyclopedic memory for Herbology & Potions – Gifted Flyer – Talented Violinist


Unofficial supporter to the Order of the Phoenix (treats their injured after hours)

Family History

Some Geneology


Eleanor Quinn (née Amberly)


Keith Roger Dempsey


Jacob Lloyd Quinn


Suzanna Bergh


Kimberly Quinn


Oscar Amberly

Character Tags

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