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Keith Dempsey

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1 Keith Dempsey on Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:55 am



Identification Card

Witch/Wizard Registration

Personal Information

Ministry Required Information

Face Claim

Sam Claflin


Keith Roger Dempsey




Kay (alias used by Aurors)

Sex & Gender

Male & Male



Marital Status

Married to Emily Quinn

Place of Birth:

Llandudno, Wales, UK

Alma Mater:

Hogwarts, House Gryffindor

Blood Status:

Half-Blood (25% Wizard)


12½" Aspen Dragon Heartstring


Red Fox

Apparition License:



Pack of Murtlaps


Adventurous – Reckless – Protective – Resourceful – Superstitious

Keith is a lively fellow full of mischief with a bad habit of getting himself in all sorts of trouble. His sense of adventure knows no bounds, making him bend the rules more than once during his Hogwarts days and causing him to forget protocol more than a few times during his Auror training. His coworkers will also describe him as a reckless soul, always the first one through the door. He’s always been that way, charging head first into certain danger without hesitation or pause to consider the possible consequences of such rash actions. He’s one of those easy victims to the phrase “Don’t you dare”, which most certainly results in the dare completed. Still there’s no shortage of courage and valor in this young man that’s currently putting his life on the line to keep others safe…

While wild and often irresponsible Keith is defined by a protective nature that goes beyond his inner circle of friends and family. Even during his time at Hogwarts he had a strong moral compass compelling him to stand up for what he believed in and step up when someone got bullied. That same trait today translates to his Auror training where that same guardian mentality immensely benefits him. Strangely enough taking a stand didn’t involve him fighting. Keith funny enough always managed to deter the other party from resorting to violence. His silver tongue got him out of more fights than Keith cared to admit. And when it eventually comes to a fight, Keith is known to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Skilled in making the best of any situation and turning any environment to his advantage, he’s quite the resourceful wizard…

But Keith is certainly not without his faults. His principle character flaw can be found his superstitions, an unfortunate side-effect of being raised by a paranoid grandmother. There are certain compulsive things he does, a daily set of rituals he must go through before being functional that day. His wife helps him out with those, never judging the traditional three taps on the doorpost before leaving a room or spinning his plate around 360° before enjoying his meal. Keith also avoids mirrors, believing that magic would allow someone to step through them from the other side. He will never leave the house or any building without first saying farewell to every person he met during his time there. For that reason he avoids crowded places, often being one of the first to enter the Auror’s Office and the last to leave…

Background Information

Records of Education and Work History.


School(s) Attended:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Classes & Grades:

Charms: O
Potions: E
Herbology: E
Astronomy: E
Transfiguration: O
Defense Against Dark Arts: O
Care for Magical Creatures: E


3 Year Gryffindor Prefect
7 Years of Perfect Attendance
3 Year Duelling Club Champion

Clubs & Extracurriculars:

6 Years Duelling Club
4 years Gryffindor Beater


Job Title

After graduating from Hogwarts, Keith signed up with the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol at the Ministry of Magic where he worked for the next three years. While he quite enjoyed his time there, Keith’s ambition demanded something more which made him apply at the Auror’s Office at the end of his third year. Going through the aptitude and characters with some difficulty, his talents were revealed when it came to the later stages of Auror training. His effective use of defensive and protective magic worked to his advantage and his experience with wizarding duels from his time at Hogwarts immensely aided in the final stages of his training. Today marks the first year of his assignment as a fully qualified Auror for the British Ministry of Magic…

Skills & Abilities

Adapt Duelist – Talented Flyer – Gifted in Legilimency – excels at Stealth and Tracking


Order of the Phoenix (indirectly by helping his wife)

Family History

Some Geneology


Dianna Royce [DECEASED]


Emily Dempsey (née Quinn)


Georges Dempsey [DECEASED]


Petunia Dempsey (grandmother)


Derek & Lewis Dempsey (brothers)


Frederik Weyland (family friend)

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