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Adéwalé Mackandal

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1 Adéwalé Mackandal on Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:56 am



Identification Card

Student Registration

Personal Information

Ministry Required Information

Face Claim

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett


Adéwalé Mackandal





Sex & Gender

Male & Male



Marital Status


Place of Birth:

Port-de-Paix, Haiti

Alma Mater:


Blood Status:



10 ¾" Attalea Rougarou Hair (US wand)


West Indian Manatee

Apparition License:

Yes but terrified of using it




Cheeky – Loud – Athletic – Nonchalant – Religious

The better one knows Adéwalé, the more obvious his contradicting personality will appear and yet somehow it works for the young Haitian wizard. He’s a cheeky fellow, eager to speak his mind in that “blunt” and “straightforward” manner than “civilized” people will consider offensive. In addition to that outspoken character, he’s also loud, not just in volume but in general persona. He loves attention, enjoying every second he can be in the spotlight. Most of the time he’ll draw a crowd by acting the class clown, making jokes and having some innocent pranks usually on the teacher’s account. Add to that his Haitian heritage, responsible for an unpredictable temperament and he makes for quite the “drôle” and colorful figure in any social setting…

Strangely enough this goofball isn’t as chill and relaxed as he pretends to be to the outside. In fact Adéwalé is a compulsive athlete, addicted to the rush of endorphins. No day is complete for him without rising at dawn for his daily run around the castle, nor the repeat of that run before turning in for the night. Whenever there’s no audience to impress, Adéwalé will go to his safe place which is working out in any possible fashion. His dorm mates have often caught the class clown doing push-ups or squats during the middle of the night as if worried that they’d judge him for his desperate need for exercise. That same mentality reflects in how he eats, always serving himself a typical meal, but never eating any of the carbs or sugary treats that Hogwarts provides…

Then there’s Adéwalé as a student, which is an entirely different story. He doesn’t exactly have high academic aspirations lacking both the motivation and the talent to earn top marks. He’s too nonchalant, often turning in his assignments a day late or half-finished. He is different than most witches and wizards in the aspect that he’s a religious person. For every test, he’ll light a candle for good luck, before every practical exam he’ll actually say a prayer. This is a very personal and private matter to him and the one thing he won’t let anyone criticize. He’ll always wear his “Our Lady of Perpetual Help” medal around his neck, something that instantly sets him apart from your typical Hogwarts Student body…

Background Information

Education Records

Hogwarts Student

Sorted in Gryffindor

When Adéwalé was orphaned three years ago by a violent hurricane, he moved in with his sister in the UK. This also meant that he needed to transfer from Castelobruxo to Hogwarts, which meant an impromptu sorting. Traditionally a Sorting Ceremony would have taken place in the Great Hall during his first year but for Adéwalé it happened in the privacy of the Headmistress’ office. Without the added pressure of an audience, he could relax and let his true identity shine through and this the Hat picked up. There was a brief grumbling from that ragged old hat, some mumbling before with a loud roar it screamed out Gryffindor.

Classes & Grades:

Charms: E
Potions: A
Herbology: O
Astronomy: A
Transfiguration: E
Divination: T (dropped)
Study of Ancient Runes: E
History of Magic: T (dropped)
Defense Against Dark Arts: E

Current School Year:

Seventh Year


Founder Haitian Vodou Club (Hogwarts)
Gobstones Champion (2 years at Castelobruxo)

Clubs & Extracurriculars:

Haitian Vodou Club (“founder”)
Gryffindor Quidditch Player: Chaser


Chilean Rose Tarantula named Simbi


Traditions regarding pets differed at Castelobruxo, allowing a larger variety of pets than Hogwarts due to South America being naturally more diverse. During his first year his parents got him a Chilean Rose Tarantula that Adéwalé named Simbi, after the Haitian Vodou Loa. Simbi is an aggressive fellow however, usually kept in top compartment of his trunk for added security. And since a tarantula bite leaves a distinct mark, it would be easy enough for Adéwalé to identify the culprit and the thief caught unawares by this unconventional anti-theft measure…

Skills & Abilities

Gifted Flyer – Familiar with Haitian Vodou – Ironman Triathlon Athlete – Gobstones Fanatic


Being a foreigner and still unfamiliar with the UK’s wizarding politics Adéwalé tries to remain neutral at all cost

Family History

Some Geneology


Geneviève Mackandal (née Aimee)
[Killed by Hurricane]


Mosi Etienne Mackandal
[Killed by Hurricane]


Clémentine Mackandal (sister)
[Appointed Guardian]

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