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Ciacco Crasus

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Ciacco Crassus

Jareb Dauplaise

Le Gourmet

There is no love sincerer than the love of food I cherish
All you can eat, the words by which I closed countless restaurants
Why would I give to the hungry if I myself am famished all the time

Elodie (Greed): niece
Erinyes (Wrath): niece
Nova (Envy): niece
Sid (Sloth): nephew
Fierté (Pride): niece
Jacob (Lust): nephew


Demonic Spawn

Social Status:
Chef de Patisserie
Chef de Cuisine
Food Critic


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:
Unshaved: mid-twenties
Shaved: 17-19

Age - Actual:
Since the Fall of the Angels (date unknown)


Date of birth:
October 3rd

Current residence:
On his way to Hollows

Other residences before hollows:
Paris, France
Naples, Italy
Tokyo, Japan
Munich, Germany

Hair Color:
Dark Walnut

Eye Color:
Phthalo Green



Skin tone:
Caucasian with a hint of Mediterranean sun

Blood Type:
No determinable blood-group

Male at Minimum:
• Chest Size: 73 inches
• Waist Size: 123 inches
• Hip Size: 117 inches
• Bicep Size: 31 inches
• Forearm Size: 26 inches
• Thigh Size: 37 inches
• Calve Size: 23 inches

Physical Description:
Ciacco is a chubby big-boned fellow who doesn’t mind looking like a complete slob; a double chin, fatty rolls and thick love-handles are the traits of a body in decay by a lifestyle of feeding frenzies and bench eating. He hasn’t quite reached the ‘fat’ mark yet with his weight considering himself just a bit to the hefty side rather than obese like most people view him. Nothing about him is groomed or taken care off from a poor physical condition to an absolute lack of self-respect for this body as most days he spends running around with a ‘three-day-old’ stubble, greasy hair and a serious case of bad odor. There’s however an upside to his appearance for once in the kitchen the slob is discarded and exchanged for a professional chef’s hat and a cook’s apron. In a kitchen he becomes a star with a charisma that made him so renowned as one of the only Four Michelin Star chef’s in the world; hundreds of cook books feature his picture, he’s done the whole television hype as well with several international cooking shows before he came to Hollows to help out his distant relative Fierté de la Tour…

Infinite Digestive System
Being Gluttony in solid form, Ciacco’s main ability permits him to eat any form of matter regardless of size or shapes without harming his stomach or mouth. No matter how hard, tough, big or small, new or old the object of his hunger might be Ciacco can ingest it with ease and digest it like ordinary food. The strangest feature of his unique gluttony system is however the talent that makes him also capable of storing matter within his bodies and spitting it back out when the moment calls for it. After eating a bowling ball for example one must always be cautious for that bowling can be regurgitated into a dangerous cannon ball being spat out. So far the limit to his hunger hasn’t been reached yet for he can devour a person whole, eats an entire car with the only side effect being the weight of the consumed product being temporary storage in his body…

Digestive Assimilation
A necessary adaption to his survival, Ciacco developed a unique feature to his everlasting hunger for objects with magical enchantments or powers get assimilated by Ciacco when devoured; magical qualities such as protective wards, defensive spells and enhancing capabilities will be added to Ciacco’s power list for future uses. This however doesn’t mean he can assimilate just about anything and continue adding more abilities to his skill set as only the effects of the last devoured object can be used. This means that when the last eater object was an item with a fire-protective ward, Ciacco will be guarded from fire until he digest another object with a different magical ability…

Gluttony Inducement
Being Gluttony reincarnated in human form, Ciacco’s success as a master chef isn’t entirely earned honestly; through the addition of a secret element, some strange fluid secreted by his demonic self every meal or drink he creates in his kitchen becomes a slumbering source of power to him. Everyone that savored one of his creations will be vulnerable to his ability to induce hunger to the point of an irresistible appetite that demands being fulfilled. In the old days Ciacco used it to torment people as in the Roman era he handed out free bread only to bring down the population by a wave of insatiable hunger afterwards. Of all the sins his gift of Gluttony is the most dangerous of all as it slumbers, waits until he triggers it whenever he so pleases without the subjects being aware of its effects. The Inducement isn’t deathly on its own, yet the feeding frenzies that are triggered by it have left countless people eating themselves to death.

Demon Physiology
Like all Sins, Ciacco still possesses the ability to take his birth form; his demonic appearance to him as he so pleases yet the transformation would be irreversible on earth. To transform into Gluttony as a demon, Ciacco has to feed for thirteen consecutive days without pause or rest to stockpile enough energy to induce the metamorphosis for unleashing one of the circles’ of Hell’s most ferocious beasts’ demands such energy. Then when the collection of energy is completed, the earth will fissure opening one of the Gates of Hell that sends Ciacco spiraling into the Third Circle. The bile of sinners will consume him earthly form and unleash Gluttony upon the world, a massive hungry beast to walk the streets of Hollows at the approach of the apocalypse. Fortunately Ciacco has no interest in unleashing his true demonic nature so one’s spared of this atrocity.

Acid Generation
All those feeding frenzies and food feasts have made Ciacco’s stomach evolve structurally into a new adapted feature that grants power to this demon; everything that’s devoured by those hungry jaws will be dissolved by the stomach acid or storage based on the future intentions with cette objects yet Ciacco is able of regurgitating both at will. Digested foods and objects are turned to a powerful acid that can be spat up, melting metals to mere puddles, dissolving all that come in contact with this biting fluid. Solid steel gets burned through by the acid in just seconds, walls molten as Ciacco is able of firing these acid blobs to his enemies with vicious accuracy.  The acid when coming in contact with organic materials such as bone and flesh will undergo a decaying process similar to that of a died carcass, making first the victim stiffen, the surface exposed to the acid then burned until eventually it literally melts massive holes in a victim’s body…

Birth Marks:

Chipped upper left canine tooth
Small downward scar across his face
Amputated right pinky (ate it when taking human form)

Only in a past life: piercings (nipples, eyebrows, nose …)

Based upon his latest cooking creation (varies from day to day)


Alternate Forms:

Other Distinguishing Features:
Hidden in the kitchen storage room of the 7 Sins Resort Ciacco keeps a young Vietnamese Potbellied Pig called Ellie, named after his co-worker Elodie; it’s his way of pissing the girl that hassles him all the time about the budgets he requires to operate his kitchen. To add injury to the insult he runs around with the pig wearing a pink bow ‘round her neck as if it’s a dog, calling out loudly the name for all to hear.

Fashion & Makeup:
Nonchalant beachwear
Chef’s hat and vest

Sociability & Emotionality:
• Grotesque
• Gluttonous
• Jolly Chubby Guy
• Culinary Talented

• Somewhat Vain
• Ever-Hungry
• Meticulous
• Familial

Strengths & Weaknesses:
• Culinary expertise
• Infinity feeding
• Patience

• Hunger
• Working out
• Physical labor

Interests & Hobbies:
• Food & Drinking
• Eating Contests
• Food Festivals

• Cooking
• Eating
• Sin

• Food: Everything except Diet/Fat-free
• Drink: Everything except Diet/Fat-free
• Color: Black/White & Crimson
• Place: Food Festivals
• Time: Harvest Time
• Men: Hungry & Wealthy
• Women: Bossy & Dominant

• Food: All Diet/Fat-free
• Drink: All Diet/Fat-free
• Color: Green/Orange
• Place: Gyms/Fitness Centers
• Time: Winter
• Men: Healthy & Fit
• Women: Shy & Polite

Of all the sins, Gluttony is the jolliest of character of the bunch who simply enjoys being around people; with his food Ciacco has been able to touch many lives influence them to live a life of sin without them ever knowing and that fact is what makes him chuckle all the time. He’s the kind of fellow that walks through the restaurant complimenting people striking up friendly conversation simply because his sin is the subtlest of them all to take place. He’s a social butterfly who enjoys watching others indulge in their appetite, being not shy from establishing some physical contact as he’ll often step from behind a lady with his hands softly on her shoulder when he asks weither the meal was to her liking. Men will be greeted with a big jolly smile and a firm handshake as Ciacco has mastered the art of small talk leaving him to become a fairly popular individual in the world. Women however consider him always a friend never a boyfriend and that brings forth certain frustrations that may lead to certain under the belt blows like calling a pig after the demon who’d rejected him…

Song and or Playlist:

Every knife, cleaver, corkscrew within reach in his kitchen

Since the Fall of Angels Beelzebub had abandoned heaven’s grace to reign over the Third Circle of Hell where he became the embodiment of the Deathly Sin of Gluttony; watching over the sinners who perished to their own insatiable hunger he grew stronger with every year that goes by as the souls continued to gather within his personal circle of hell. Located between the Second Circle of Lust and the Fourth Circle of Greed the sinner expired to their gluttony, gluttons as he called them were forced to lie in a vile slush produced by ceaseless foul, icy rain while Cerberus guards these condemned spirits; their surrender to sin which began with mutual indulgence led by an imperceptible degradation to solitary self-indulgence leaving them to lie here sightless and heedless of their neighbors, symbolizing the cold, selfish, and empty sensuality of their lives. Here he reigned with iron fist beneath the wretched foul icy rains as he walked on top of the sinners in agony as his massive weight stepped over their forever damned bodies as they moaned confessions of what brought them to this part of hell in the first place; they spoke of grand feasts in the world above, about banquet where the food and wine flowed like the rivers of hell itself; they told him about festivals devoted entire to feasting till one’s stomach bursts leaving folks to sleep off their drunken haze the next day in the gutter in a puddle of their own filth. What those forsaken souls told him about was like music to his ears leaving Beelzebub growing curious to see what the world above looks like, curious enough to venture beyond those limits that should never be crossed by one of their kind…

Driven by curiosity of the world above, Beelzebub one day decided to step across that dreaded threshold between the two worlds as he stepped through the Gates of Hell into the realm known as Earth. The year must have been 53 BC for the first man he came across was a Roman General by the name Marcus Licinius Crassus whose last name would be taken as Beelzebub’s own later on; driven by greed and gluttony the general accepted the hellish demon as a sign of his gods that his war against the Parthians. They partied and feasted together with each victory claimed, spilling food and wine while the people around them were starving or dying from thirst; they wasted precious resources living in utter decadence, demon and human now reining an empire on both worlds but most unholy alliances have a tragic ending. Beelzebub had not gone unnoticed by Crassus’ enemies who marched again against the roman invasion of their lands and a fallen angel would not be a fallen angel if he stuck around to aid in a losing war; having corrupted the entire legions beneath the general’s command, Beelzebub had simply guaranteed himself a new collection of souls to torment within his circle of hell if they’d fall to the Parthians’ army. By teaching them to feast, to drink and eat in all excess he’d led the entire army upon a path of sin ensuring himself thousands of soul additions to serve him in the underworld for on the day his aid was most needed, Beelzebub had returned to his beloved wasteland of vile slush drowned souls tormented by the foulest icy rains known to mankind. The Battle of Carrhae took place and Crassus’ army fell to the enemy forces bringing forth waves of condemned souls to enter eternal damnation adding new numbers to the Seven Circles of Hell and with a broad smile Beelzebub greeted the latest spirits into infinite torture…

For a short century Beelzebub had returned to his throne on the Third Circle of Hell but with a taste of the human life he’d grown weary of taunting damned souls till eternity; how he longed to stand in the fresh cleansing air once more eating the many delicacies the world had to offer while indulging in every appetite in the world. Boredom continued to wear him down leaving him to once more seek the Gates of Hell and escape for the second time. This time he found himself in Rome in the year 64AD where once more the weakness of the human mind became apparent; when a demon like Beelzebub walks amongst petty mortals, emperors and senators could resist making generous offers to gain the Prince of Hell’s alliance but the one to gain his favor was emperor Nero himself. Once more in the presence of a head of state within the Roman Empire Ciacco began corrupting the people once more. He’d taken a physical form this time, having borrowed the appearance of Marcus Licinius Crassus and once more led the world upon a path of sin; his first step towards collecting souls for hell was introducing the Romans to “Panem et Circenses”, better known as Bread and Games which became the capital of sinful events throughout history. Every month he’d tempt the emperor to donate food to the people, sharing the aristocratic decadence for one day every month with the common man before hosting some of the most brutal games in the arenas this world had ever seen. Blood sport and feeding frenzies became part of the Roman society having the crowd go wild for brutality and gluttony readying the souls for the inevitable downfall of their lifestyle. The circles of Wrath and Gluttony would soon be welcoming thousands again as Ciacco prepared for a blazing finally for this lifetime. It began on the 19th July 64AD where he’d set up a glorious banquet in the imperial palace where he’d invited emperor Nero to play the fiddle – an instrument he knew the ruler wouldn’t be able to resist playing – while one of his lesser minions set the city ablaze. With the Great Fire of Rome unfolding and the emperor Nero continue on and on with his precious fiddle song he watched thousands of souls burn alive, reaped by the grim servants of hell who’d forever banish them in the circles of Gluttony, Wrath, Greed and Lust while Beelzebub once more returned to his throne saturated with power…

For centuries he’d continue the tradition of turning to the world and starting feasts and banquets in celebration of life with wine and food piled on the tables leading the people into the life of gluttony and excess before starting another disaster to harvest those unfortunate souls fallen for his trickery. The annual beer fest known as October Fest in Munich Germany is one of those celebrations that occur every year providing Hell with more additions; all throughout the world he started similar traditions and events leaving people to stray from the righteous path into the temptations of earthly sins. When word reached his ear that the other sins had decided to live in mortal forms on the earth, Beelzebub was the first in line to head to the world above and take a physical form. Calling upon one of those favors he was still owed, Beelzebub took the place of a child within a lady’s womb being born and raised under the name of Ciacco Crassus, an heir to an Italian aristocrat family that was founded by the man he’d met during his first earthly appearance. Being raised by people ignorant to who he truly was, granted him the opportunities to explore every aspect of human life but one’s nature could never be denied. When he turned eleven earthly years, Ciacco began an online video blog where he criticized restaurants and gastronomic events yet none could have imagined the hype it became; his blog was infamous for tearing culinary institutes a new asshole, drilling restaurants in the ground and making even the most famous chefs cru. His reviews were famous for making or breaking a business but Ciacco hungered for more. When turning fourteen already world famous as a food critic, he took it upon himself to become the world’s greatest chef getting send to every great culinary institute in the world to study gourmet cuisine. Paris, Naples, Tokyo and Munich, every capital of the culinary arts were attended till Ciacco had mastered every aspect of gastronomy; from a chef de cuisine to chef de patisserie he became the youngest cook in history to earn a Michelin Star as with his small restaurant Buen Gusto in Naples he became the first fifteen year old to have a restaurant with three Michelin Stars. From that day forth more restaurants came bearing his trademark signature of fine cuisine with food described by the critics as ‘Addicting & Finger-licking Good’. Now with everything accomplished that he’d set his mind to he decided to accept a distant relative’s offer to become the chef in her spa resort heading for the city of Hollows…


Ciacco had never been a mobile person but when a young entrepreneur having made him a business suggestion he couldn’t resist, Ciacco became the first proprietor of a mobile pizzeria; a large truck hosting an authentic wood oven is now in his possession, leaving Ciacco to become mobile while stilling his hunger with fresh baked pizza straight from the oven. Recently he has even begun considering franchising the idea starting a mobile fleet of pizzerias all across the United States of America

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