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Wayne Seymour [Adult]

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1 Wayne Seymour [Adult] on Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:28 am



Wayne Estevan Seymour
There’s a wild thing inside all of us

Basic Information

Wayne Estevan Seymour

Face Claim:
William Levy





Blood Status:

Blood Ethnicity:

Seville, Spain


Dragon Heartstring

Acacia & Rosewood


Tough & Rigid

Ornate Silver Inlays (Moorish)
Axinite Insert at the Handle

Wand Maker
Miguel Cephalopos
(grandson of Arturo Cephalopos)


Career Choice:
Member of the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures

Career Function:
Senior Committee Member

Career Experience:
9 years as Senior Committee Member
15 years with the Beast Division

Career History:
His love for creatures started in his toddler days when his grandfather introduced him to the world of bugs. Catching a rosemary beetle in ‘Pappous’ backyard was what first got him interested in entomology which later translated to other creatures, magical and non-magical.

After a one year sabbatical Wayne decided on a career at the Ministry of Magic. This led to an internship in the Beast Division, which resulted in his fifteen year career thusfar. Despite his post at the C.D.D.C. Wayne has adopted a personal philosophy of relocating rather than disposing of these so-called dangerous creatures.


Wayne absolutely hates and avoids dragons. Even the mere mentioning of the word makes his skin crawl. Having seen how a fellow C.D.D.C. member was torn apart by two Horntails, didn’t exactly help with his fear for the beasts…


Capable Creatures Instructor
Brilliant Artist (realistic painter)
Encyclopedic Creatures Knowledge
Expert in Defensive and Protective Magic
Magical Creature Whisperer (NOT dragons!)


Wayne is the kind of guy who folks first describe with the work he does; industrious to the point of being a true workaholic, he spends every waking moment out in the field. More empathic towards animals and creatures than to people, he favors the outdoors over the concrete jungle in the city.

Most folks don’t realize this but Wayne has a wit sharp as a razor. He’s clever, not the book smarts most associate with the House he was sorted but an intuitive kind of smart. Instincts almost like a sixth sense allow him to think like the dangerous beasts he studies.

But primal nature, Wayne is an artist in heart and soul. Appreciating beauty and pursuing an aesthetic ideal he’s a man very much focused upon appearances in himself and in others. To some this will feel superficial…




Hair color:
Sandy Brown

Eye color:
Brown with Amber Twinkle

Body Type:
Mesomorph Athletic

Phoenix feather tattoo on chest (pic)
Manticore tattoo on shoulder (pic)

School History

Schools Attended:
Durmstrang: year 1 – 3
Hogwarts: year 4 – 7

House Sorted:

O.W.L. Grades:
C.M.C. - O
Charms - O
Potions - E
D.A.D.A. - O
Herbology - E
Astronomy - A
Divination - P
Transfiguration - E
History of Magic - A

N.E.W.T. Grades:
C.M.C. - O
Charms - E
Potions - A
D.A.D.A. - O
Herbology - E
Transfiguration - E

Quidditch Position
Keeper (2nd till 3rd year)
Beater (4th till 7th year)

Personal History

Born on the isle of Santorini, Michael Seymour and his wife Naeva Lambros greeted their first born with a loving smile and open arms. His dad was a painter inspired by the white and blue houses of the island whereas his mother was a young witch  who worked in a local bookshop. For the first seven years Wayne grew up believing Magic was but fairytale material. Then strange things started happening, things that didn’t make sense. Glass breaking when he got angry, stuff falling coming to a halt mid-air. It was only when he managed to catch a pixie from the backyard that his parents told him: a Wizard.

From that point onward his life became a lot more magical as his mom started to teach him the basics. When eleven Wayne went to Durmstrang but despite its reputation, he never felt at home in this magical institute. Many of his peers looked down on him because of his father, even the teachers at this elite academy frowned upon his Muggle parentage. So upon completing his fourth year, Wayne begged his mother to sign his request for a transfer to Hogwarts. Here he found a home, a place where his talents were discovered and awarded. Ravenclaw nourished his wits and intuitions, promising him a bright future upon graduation from Hogwarts…

Wayne needed a break after school and took a year to discover the world. With a satchel on his back and a broom in his hand he headed out there with no plan or goal in mind. Instead he found magical beasts of all varieties, dangerous and domestic but each added to his fascination. Rather than going home again, Wayne decided to return to England and accept a job in the Ministry of Magic, Beast Division. Fifteen years later he’s still at that post working as a Senior Committee member for the C.D.D.C. Last year though Wayne lost his partner dealing with a massive Erkling infestation in Wales and now the office is assigning him a new partner…

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