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Tattooed Barcode #:

Full Name :
Frederick "NULL" Gustava  

Age/Birth date :
19, August 24th  

Gender :

Hair Color :

Eye Color :
Light gray almost silver
(left eye is bionically enhanced)  

Height :


Special Skills that can be offered to the E.A.O:
Null has been the only survivor of the Perfect Soldier Project funded by the FSB, making him the first unit of a new generation of ultimate soldiers.  Deprived of emotions, stripped of his memories and cleansed of doubts he takes commands without hesitation no matter the consequences and risks; including considered suicide missions. He’s able to complete the primary and secondary objectives at any cost, continuing even with lethal inflicted injuries due to the disconnection of his pain sensors.  Increased reflexes, heightened senses and incredible agility are three traits that are invaluable to any soldier, whether it’s serving a country, corporation or his own intends.    

At the covert operation center of the “Perfect Soldier Project” Null underwent a vast range of bionic adjustments that were to enhance his performances. One of the modifications made were the bionic lens system implanted inside his left eye that granted him both a magnifying function (2.5 x 70) and EMP detectors. This enables him to spot electronic devices (cameras, laser grids, security sensors) and enemy target over large distances. Another bionic modification that sacrificed a part of Null’s humanity was an integrated optical fibre network that replaced his common nerve system. This system ensures optimal performances in combat, making him able of continuing the mission with lethal, otherwise disabling injuries. (Look at physical disadvantages for more info of the side-effects)  

Because of the Virtual Training Null underwent during the length of “Perfect Soldier Project”, he was exposed to a radical learning curve in several combat aspects that conventionally require several years of training. A wide variety of CQC techniques based upon oriental martial arts were integrated in his mind, allowing him to wield these skills upon command. All battle responses collected in databases, including tactics, weapon intelligence, combat methods have been directly programmed into his subconscious. This causes him to utilize the training on an instinctive matter that increase his reflexes to incomparable levels, letting him dodge and even deflect bullets in the heat of battle. The Virtual Training wasn’t only intentioned for tactical advantages, but for intelligence enhancement as well. Null has been taught seven languages including a majority of foreign accents to blend properly into society in every circumstance. This part of his educational talent however is a skill Null avoids wielding, having been informed silence was key in his trade…

Motivation for joining the E.A.O:
Null never asked for alliances with either the military or any other organization no matter what their motivation would be. He never cared about the politics, never bothered asking on their intentions and the purpose of his actions. All he knew was that he was born to fight; designed genetically for warfare and destruction as only amongst the smoldering ashes of death and decay he could truly feel alive. The stains of blood dried on his alabaster skin, the wretched stench of rotting flesh and infected wounds in all sickening colors were one of the few things he’d learned to savor. Victory above all, no matter what the cost was what he believed in. Though he may never understand the reason of his creation, the purpose of his talents, he’d accepted his faith as bringer of death as being a soldier was, is and will always be his identity. All he cares for are the given commands and the opportunity to complete the tasks he’s been given; this without the slightest sign of doubt, without a trace of remorse or emotions he’d march onward to his own destruction for a purpose not even his own. All he demands in return in the opportunity to do so, requesting of whomever giving the orders to cleanse him of the dreadful burden his design showed. In exchange of blind obedience his only wish is to be freed of the glitch that paralyses him in agony; ridding him of the torment that puts him on his knees, surrendered to the constricting suffering of the spasmodic muscle contractions…

Any past experiences? If so, Explain:
Null started his military career without his own knowledge at the early age of 7 as he served as a child soldier for the rebel faction in the Guinea-Bissau Civil War. Though young of age, the boy showed exceptional adaptability in combat, leading insurgeons against the authorities with perfect success ratio even with limited resources. His success was thanks to his increased reflexes, tactical superiority and the lack of a common moral code than restricted many of his peers and superiors in war. His greatest accomplishment during the two years he aligned with the rebel alliances was however Operation Scorched Earth. During this assault Null delivered a devastating blow to the Western Peace Enforcers that claimed a total of 81 lives; the majority being Green Berets and Black Ops operatives...  

After the two years of guerrilla warfare in the Central Africa, in which Null had gained a reputation of expertise the legendary child soldier disappeared from the face of the earth; his whereabouts unknown he was captured by a delta force unit of FSB agents. From this point forward Null became a test subject in the "Perfect Soldier Project" where he was exposed to the most severe training, including biochemical treatment, gene therapy and bionic adjustments that intended to craft the ultimate soldier. Nobody truly knows to what extent this training went and what long term effects it might have caused, though the mere fact remained that only one of 400 test subjects survived the Project being Null.  

Beside of the Guinea-Bissau Civil War campaign as a child soldier Null however did not acquire any further real life combat experience during the “Perfect Soldier Project”. He did however log countless hours of virtual training in enhanced circumstances with increased gravity that heightened his strength, endurance and stamina.  This however in combination with the unique sensory deprivation chamber in which he resides in isolation cleansed him from emotions, memories and any type of obstructing doubt that were presented in real life situation. His reflexes were radically boosted to almost supernatural levels making him incredibly agile while at the same time enabling him to deflect bullets. This aspect of training makes him a valuable resource in armed conflict against outnumbered odds, which with his lack of restraint makes him a force to reckon with.  

Any physical disadvantages? If so, state them:
Due to the Gene Therapy which was but a small aspect of the Perfect Soldier Project the occasional sensory overload causes a tormenting agony to disable Null temporarily. The physically agony is the result of a spasmodic muscle contraction in the torso and lower back area where the majority of bionic enhancements are positioned. 'Cause of this disadvantage Null had become dependent on daily doses of 50cc Metaxalone to suppress the hazardous bodily dysfunctions till a better drug can be designed to eliminate this flaw...(part of his motivation)  

Any genetic disorders or illness that should be known? If so, state them:
Due to the "Perfect Soldier Project" training/programming methods has accelerated his Autoimmune Universal Vitiligo that causes depigmentation of the skin (due to the exposure to  monobenzone). Because of this his skin has now been rendered absent of pigment causing the typical pale color that sometimes is mistaken for corporal decay. This however has little influence on his physical or mental performances in combat beside of a slightly elevated sensitivity to sunlight that on the long term might lead to a case of malignant melanoma.  

Weapons used:
Though trained to utilize whatever weapons weither firearm or bladed weapon he was handed, Null has a very specific preference when it comes to his combat equipment. He's most comfortable with the light weighted personal defense weapon known as the Heckler & Koch MP7 of which he always carries a pair. His side arm of choice is a pair of USP 45’s that has been equipped with the AN/PEQ-6 Laser Aiming Module for quick and accurate shots. In addition to his opted fire arms Null will always been found carrying at least four Striker MSC Valkyrie knives that are more suitable for stealth based combat and silent CQC based terminations. This specific arsenal was the gear carefully selected by the scientists of the "Perfect Soldier Project" based upon the distinct physical capabilities of Null along with his natural adaptation that required swift action and agility in combat. However different choices can be made based upon the circumstances...  

Physical Appearance:  

Null is a memorable character physically speaking due to the many distinct features he'd known for. His gray almost silver looking eyes and radiant white hair are two obvious trademarks that leave an impression on by passers. His pale alabaster skin tone caused by the accelerated Vitiligo combined with these two traits creates the devious illusion of him being mistaken for an innocent adolescent. He does however lack the ominous size and weight that allows to threat and coerce one's opponent along with any visible expression of emotion no matter what the circumstances. Being completely stripped of the basic human aspects his body language is permanently fixed on a frigid, apathy expression that makes people awkward and uncomfortable in his presence.  

Null lacks any sense of style and fashion which is but one of the many results of the "Perfect Soldier Project" that isolated him from common society. He conventionally goes dressed in basic assigned gear like commando pants, plain T-shirts along with the FSB beret of his unit. Beside of the standard uniform accompanied by the matching fire arm holsters Null often calls for professional aid to blend into society during missions. In urban treads this particular soldier feels out of place for only in combat situations he feels at home.  

During the length of the Perfect Soldier Project scientists of all varieties had devoted their lives into depriving Null from all emotions, doubts and memories. This stripped him from the basic concepts that defined mankind, leaving him frigid and distant amongst common people. He's quiet, speaking only when asked and in these situations all his replies are strictly factual, which for most seems like just a brief summary rather than a conversation.  

Part of the "Project" did craft some artificial personality aspects that benefit Null greatly. The 'programming' process resulted in an unbreakable determination and obedience, making completing the mission objectives his primary goal, no matter what the cost. Null accepts all orders; no questions asked as he lacks the conscious to worry about the repercussions about his actions. All moral dilemmas that many soldiers struggle with have by this method been erased entirely; this enables him to almost robotically engage in combat, where the goals justify the means...  

Background History:  
Born in a humble village of Azerbaijan, Frederic Gustava was the only child of the German American man Ulrich and the Russian maiden Anouchka, who died during the early stages of the Yugoslav Wars. Leaving their child abandoned in the early stages of his life, when he was still considered vulnerable and easily influenced, Frederic was discriminated for his half-Caucasian heritage and treated like a second class citizen. Sent off to the capital Baku Null was accepted into an impoverished orphanage where many secrets roamed the halls at night; lurking in the shadows were hungry eyes looking for expendables that would not be missed upon disappearing. Frederic fell under that category, so to no surprise upon one night he was lifted from his bed in the shroud of the night and found himself waking up inside a freight container on the Delmas. Three weeks he found himself trapped inside a metal compartment, rocking vigorously in the motion of the tides as waves crashed against the ship’s hull. The Delmas was a heavy cargo ship, sailing along the Red Sea towards the open waters of the Indian Ocean where his human cargo would be transferred onto different vessels that specialized in human trafficking. As the ship reached the Golf of Aden misfortune struck as the encumbered ship was caught in a harsh storm with tidal waves crashing into the deck, stacked with dozens of steel containers. The crew was caught off guard as the powerful waters washed across the deck, throwing both men and contain overboard into the deep blue. Amongst them was the rusted red container that housed the boy previously known as Frederic Gustava as it sank slowly towards the ocean bottom…  

Washed upon the shore of Somalia the red container resurfaced, found by war fugitives who wrenched open the steel doors. As the salt water tainted by the remains of its trapped residents poured out of the contraption the refugees started to go through their soaked pockets in search of valuables, only to hear the air depraved gasp coming from the pale boy. The watery grave he’d found himself in had changed him, as the silence that drove his fellow occupants mad became comfortable over time as oxygen became scarce. As the dry African air slipped into his lungs, Null was born amongst the pebbled beach littered with corpses while the innocent child Frederic died with the other people trapped in the container. Every nerve in his body screamed in agony at the sudden exposure to life, hearing the sound of seagulls flying over his head, the muffled sighs of the terrified refugees, staring with wide eyes at the young boy climbing to his feet. One of the fugitives that had been turning pockets before Null awoke was startled; driven by the withered instincts of a former pirate the African man pulled out a knife, running towards the pale boy in a rampage for blood. Almost like a chime was rung inside his head, Null noticed the assault and in sheer instinct he responded appropriately to the circumstances. With strength none had expected of a seven year old, Null gripped the man’s armed wrist, shattering the lower hand bones in one fluid motion as the stained blade fell towards the ground. With the knife landing flat upon the floor, the pirate’s neck cracked ominously under the boys’ touch. Before Null was entire aware of the events taken place, he found himself standing amongst the bodies of his saviors; out of breath and flustered at the sight of crimson stains marking his hands. His memory escaped him; failing to recollect what had happened after the frightened pirate attacked him as on the abandoned beach of Somalia Null was born standing in the midst of a massacre…  

Months of purposely wandering through the wilderness of Africa Null tried to grasp the extent of his change that took place inside that container, though the constant headaches, lapsing memory and on edge nerves made it difficult to focus. Days of walking without breaks, hitchhiking rides in the middle of the savannah on military trucks he travelled from the eastern border of the continent to the opposite side, finding himself crossing over the border into Guinea.  The nation however differed from the brochure version handed to tourists as the country faced civil war. Riots in the big cities was Nulls’ first glimpse of the results of warfare as bodies laid rotting in the scorching sun, blood tainting the sand crimson as wind brought the foul scent of decay and illness penetrated his nostrils. Fires were burning as machineguns rattled with the metallic ringing of shells clashing upon the concrete floors under the constant sound of agonized screams. Still in the midst of all this sorrow and misery Null could not share in the citizens’ fear and terror for the ongoing battle; total apathy had been inflicted upon his young mind as with each attempt to claim his life more corpses piled up onto the streets, each baring the scars of accurate knife slashes, severing all major arteries. His reflexes had grown as he’d learned to anticipate his opponents every move; this being exceptionally fascinating since Null was but a mere child seven years of age. This was something not only the frightened people of Guinea noticed as guerrilla rebels had taken attention into his promising skill and talent...  

Approached by the rebel Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, a handsome black gentleman who was far within his forties, approached Null with an obscure suggestion of collaboration. The young Frederic, still confused about the physical and mental changes he’d underwent in the freight container, fell for Moussa’s charming words that promised him wealth, glory and fame. This was the beginning of Null’s military career that was founded upon a lie, abusing the natural abilities of a naïve young boy in search of a purpose in life; a rightful place to call home was found in the heat of battle, where Null found himself standing amidst the flames of wars. During his years fighting in the Guinea-Bissau War of Independence, Frederic was known for his cruel war tactics: acting with the frankness of a young boy, he would trick enemies into letting their guard down, allowing him to kill them with the ruthlessness of a hunter. Two long years of his childhood were stolen from him by guerrilla warfare, but at the same time the birth of a true soldier had occurred with the shedding of blood, tainting his hands and conscious. With his infant innocence lost, a monster was born who’s identity became bloodshed and massacre, but at a price. Skilled in combat his mind was burdened with guilt and doubt concerning his actions taken; the blood on his hands couldn’t be washed off as the faces of deceased haunted his dreams every night. Often he woke up, bathing in cold sweat as he screamed on top of his lungs in the rebel encampment when another last breath was replayed by his memory. Two years of murder had turned Null into one of Guinea’s most notorious soldiers, whose cruel tactics based on deception and stealth assaults gained a flawless reputation of efficiency. The Guinea government lost many troopers by the boy’s hands, making them request Western support to aid them in their battle against the growing resistance. Captain Moussa Dadis Camara rose to power, gaining the assistance of the people as he used the sympathy attracted by Null who served as his right hand, guiding the rebel’s forces into conflict. At the arrival of Western Soldiers however the tide of their rebellion was about to change, as greatly outnumbering forces marched towards resistance camps with superior equipment and firepower. This threat leads to the suicide mission that the captain ominously named operation “Scorched Earth”…

In a desperate attempt to force the Guinea government into a cease fire Captain Moussa requested the ultimate sacrifice of his rebellious protégé Null; to invade the presidential palace and terminate the oppressing general that lead the precious nation into oblivion. Null cared little about the hazards involved as only in the presence of death he felt truly alive; his doubts perishing like snowflakes in the desert sun. In the shroud of darkness Null sneaked through the night, gracefully dodging the blinding search light that scanned the parameters. Like a shadow leaping from one hideout to the next he closed in on the concrete fortress that once formed a magnificent regal residency, where mercenary guards and Western Green Berets stood guard upon the great walls.  Armed with a salvaged FN SCAR Mk.17 and a rusty Mateba Autorevolver he crept through a small ventilation shaft, stealthy making his way inside the secured compound in search of his target. For once the small posture of child proved its use as Null crawled quietly through the aluminum shaft, briefly casting a glance through the vent grid, scanning the rooms below for potential threats and security measures. Green Berets and Special Ops soldiers wandered the corridors, guarding the man he’d learned to hate, carrying full-automatic machineguns and tactical explosives. Null ignored their presence as he continued through the metallic shafts, finding the light striking from a residential chamber; within the grand room bathing in luxury and riches stood the man marked for death. The president strode back and forth in the room, pacing anxiously at the notion he was restricted to his private quarters based upon the ongoing threats on his life. With the clashing echo of the vent lit tumbling upon the marble floor, Null jumped out of the ventilation shaft with his small children’s hands tightly wrapped around the handgun’s handle. As his finger firmly rested onto the trigger, applying pressure that made the hammer of the gun click backward, the young boy stared in the eyes of his next victim. His mind however showed signs of doubt as the ghosts of fallen enemies appeared scattered across the shiny floor, puddles of blood emerged from underneath the carpet as the artwork on the walls withered in scorching flames. Null lost his focus at the glance of his past; a mere child of nine responsible for so much pain and sorrow was never supposed to bare this burden on his own. As his thoughts played tricks on him and the propaganda ideas of the captain laid shattered in pieces, Null lowered the gun as his eyes turned to the ground. For the first time since the container incident he felt like a kid, which just came to understand the harshness of reality. As the president of Guinea marched toward him, his face deformed with a mocking smile, Null spoke for the first time:

We’re not tools of the government or anyone else. Fighting is the only thing... the only thing I’m good at, but... at least I always fought for what I believed in.

Having mistaken Null’s reservation for weakness the dictator closed the distance between himself and the dreaded child soldier, tapping his honorary scepter in the palm of his hand. With sparkling eyes of satisfaction in this victory he lifted the cane to the skies, high above Null’s white complexion, before sending the wooden stick downward in a vicious blow. As the scepter drew a deep gash in the boy’s face, the lowered gun went off in perfect synchrony; a thin line of blood poured across the boy’s cheek as the white suit shirt of the president colored a deep crimson with droplets falling on the marble floors. The doubt and insecurity had vacated Null’s eyes, replaced with a frigid stare that  sent shivers of fright across the bravest spine, as he took a single step backward. The shot of the gun had not fallen on deaf ears as hasty footsteps of leather boots climbing the steps were heard from behind the double doors. The Green Berets, private guards and Special Ops members had come to the presidents’ rescue with their rifles locked and target upon the wooden door under the tormenting alarm siren that broke through the silence of night. Raging machinegun fire ripped apart the wooden door panels, yet Null refused to step aside to find cover as lead ammo flew by his head in sharp whistles. Several of the shots grazed across his skin, drawing thin lines of blood though the determination to see this battle through to the end was remarkable. Splinters scattered across the floor, marble chipped of the walls as bullets burrowed in the ground with the scent of gunpowder filling the air while Null stood motionless with his gun aimed to his assailants. When the door caved into the pressure of the rampaging soldiers, the first armed units pouring into the room like rats leaving a sinking ship. Under the echoes of shells fumbling to the earth, Null let his instincts take over; with gentle squeezes on the trigger the Mateba rounds dug their way into the soldiers’ flesh, each bullet claiming a life.  With blood tainting the walls the child soldier lost himself once more in the battle; his senses sharpened and his reflexes enhanced to near inhumanely proportions gave him the upper hand in the struggle. The bodies piled up in the presidential quarters of Guinea -81 in totals- left the boy standing amongst the rumbles of debris and decay. His mind much like the surroundings was littered with corpses, giving birth to almost fatalistic and nihilistic view on life that did not belong to a child of his age…

After the unnecessary bloodbath of Operation “Scorched Earth” Null’s mental conflict with his abilities grew weary as the young boy started to accept the harsh reality of him being a machine of warfare. Adrift through the African savannah he tried to grasp his newfound powers, trying to understand the origins of his reflexes and the vague satisfaction he experienced with each life slipping through his young yet skilled fingers. Wherever he went, the sight of the ground littered with corpses under the presence of crimson stains haunted him; the thin line between his children’s imagination blending with reality. Kicking a pebble in front of him out of frustration the echoes of helicopter blades slicing through the air stirred up behind him; dust flying in outward motion a Russian gunship landed in the desolate fields behind Null. Before a chance to respond presented itself two subtle stings were felt in the back of his neck; darkness falling before his eyes as his legs caved under his weight as Null stumbled forward into the dirt floor. With all of his energy sinking to his feet the last thing the child soldier heard were the silent footsteps of leather combat boots closing in on him before four strong hands lifted him off the sand. It lacked him the strength to fight back; his legs collapsed under him, his arms failed to obey his command while all his senses felt woozy. Only the sound of the helicopters’ takeoff filled his head with a reverb echo as the whole world spun before his eyes, noticing the black shielded badge with red star and beret before his mind gave into the drugs overwhelming power…

Unaware of the time that had gone by in his near comatose state, Null found himself in the hands of the Russian Federal Security Service, more commonly known as the FSB. In the past year that Null had devoted to guerrilla warfare in Guinea, his success had closely been monitored by the Russian secret service, whose interest was stirred by the young boys’ superior reflexes and tactical assessment. For the last two decades of the Cold War the authorities had searched for a way to gain the upper hand on their capitalistic rivals of America, which expressed itself in the classified “Perfect Soldier Project”, which defied all human rights. Four hundred human test subjects all between the ages of six and ten were gathered across the planet; selected for a large variety of variables, including genetic promise, intellectual superiority and physical advantages they would be subjected to an experimental training program that intended to breed the ultimate soldier. Part of their experimental Perfect Soldier Project was the confinement of each individual soldier in sensory deprivation tanks that isolated the test subject in a closed culture where they were stripped of their emotions, their memories erased and their doubts faded to mere ghosts of the past. In these unique cells they were subjected to psychological enhanced programs that exposed the children to depersonalization programming. Each aspect of their personality was erased from their minds, though most of the test subjects failed to handle with the wave of information. Eighty percent of the four hundred kids were driven mad, their sanity lost during the primary stages of the programming. Several kids died due to an aneurysm, others simply lost the will to live but the majority simply became unsuited for further testing. Null however was entirely different. All the doubts he had about his enhanced combat skills were faded: the guilt of his actions erased as the similarity between the container incident only further enhanced his pre-existing talents…

After three years within the confinement of the sensory deprivation tanks, the seal of the door was broken with a low hissing noise that let a pale green light emerge within the chamber. Null stared toward the blinding source seeing the blackened image of several scientists appear before him; with hygiene masks before their mouth and nose and latex gloves they helped the weakened Null out of the chamber. His eyes tried to adapt to the light, but every other sense seemed to have increased greatly; the vibration of electric wiring ringed in his ears, the shifting of air in the room made him aware of each presence in his surrounding; his nose caught the vague hint of sweat, blood and urine in the air as a vast range of chemicals tingled on the tip of his tongue. One after the other, the survivors of the first stage of Perfect Soldier Project emerged from their tanks, their weight supported by the scientists who guided them towards small cubical cells where the fumes of drugs and narcotics slipped from under the doorframe. Null felt the sharp sting of needles crawl under his skin before all his senses once more were shut down in a drug induced sleep. Under the dormant state the scientists started their twisted research and operations, committing crimes that were still undefined in modern standards. Bionic enhancements were installed in the remaining test subjects; implementing a bionic lens system behind the left eye and adjusting the human neural system with an optic fiber network. Many of the young teenagers collapsed during the surgery, others deceased in utter agony as their new artificial nerve system overloaded their bodies. The Perfect Soldier Project was a complete failure as with the exception of one, all test subjects died during these second rounds of the protocol. For this Null was deemed a lost number in being the only survivor, hence receiving his codename NULL…

In a desperate attempt to salvage the last pieces of the Perfect Soldier Project, the FSB demanded to speed up the experimental production process, exposing the now adolescent Null to hours of Virtual Training; a computer generated training program was designed to prepare the test subjects for any potential combat situation no matter what the odds were. Every second spent outside of the sensory deprivation chamber were devoted to simulated combat, allowing Null to master his enhanced systems as his reflexes attained inhumanly proportions. Each of his senses had been heightened to a very high agree causing the young soldier to predict enemy movement, allowing him to dodge high velocity rounds, sometimes even deflect a bullet in his trajectory. The boy excelled beyond the scientists wildest dreams as each simulation resulted in a victory: even when greatly outnumbered against superior equipped troops the lonely unit codenamed Null defeated the odds with great success. Spare none, leave no witnesses and complete the objectives at all cost, those were the foundations upon which the entire Perfect Soldier Project was constructed. Based on the gathered data the researchers adapted the program, drastically increasing the difficulty level of the training in the attempt to push their ultimate soldier to the limit but without success. Null’s performances transcended their imagination as with a unique picked combat gear that had been carefully assembled based on the statics, he continued to render his foes powerless. Success of the project seemed to be within the FSB’s grasp till an unsuspected flaw in their design emerged on the horizon. During the frontline termination trail of the Virtual Training Null’s vitals reached epic proportions, far beyond common human possibility till all of a sudden the boy fell to his knees; muscles contracting uncontrollable with excruciating agony and torment paralyzing their ultimate soldier. The bionic neural system of optic fibers had overloaded the human muscular system, causing an overpowering energy surge to disable Null, stirring up a sensation of total agony and torment. The system was flawed and the project was cancelled as there was no visible solution to this error. The research facility was shut down, leaving Null as just another forgotten footnote in military history as his existence had gone forgotten over time. One researcher however kept the dream of the Perfect Soldier Project alive; one lonely man had refused to discard years of hard work, research and funding as he intentionally made an error during the closing procedure. As they closed down the facility, shutting down the electricity of all machines and laboratories, he forgot to switch off Null’s sensory deprivation chamber. In the darkness of failure one pod sustained his life, keeping the Ultimate soldier alive, waiting to be reclaimed by those willing to iron out the glitches in its design. And all Null could do was wait, strengthening himself as time crawled by relentlessly in the hope that one day a commander worthy of his skill would come to claim him the Ultimate Soldier.

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