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Regis Rayne

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1 Regis Rayne on Sun May 22, 2016 9:40 am


Reginald Rayne
Snow (Final Fantasy)
Regis or Reggie
Pokémon Trainer & Brawler
Oreburgh City - Sinnoh

Ice Blue
Platinum Blonde


Thunderstorms, Meteor showers and Rock Climbing
Rich kids, Grass-types and Crowded cities
Regis has always loved Marowak since the day he spotted a trainer called Otoshi practicing with his Marowak in the Oreburgh Mine. The mere strength and speed that small Pokémon displayed was astonishing to a six year old boy. Each time that Bonemerang attack swept through the mine, stones shattered on impact. Every time that Marowak used Bone Rush, Regis felt the earth shake under the tremendous force of those blows making him fall in love with that Pokémon.
Regis doesn’t really favor a single type of Pokémon seeing that such obvious weaknesses can easily be overcome with training. What he does require of all his Pokémon is Speed. Speed is what he truly values and truly desires as Regis believes it more useful to land a dozen quick attacks rather than a single knockout punch. But if he must favor one Type, it would be Ground as the earth-shattering talents of those Pokémon have helped him out of a tight spot numerous times.

He’d take offense if it wasn’t true but Regis is a small town blue collar fellow let loose on the big world. Born and raised in the not-so-quiet mining town of Oreburgh toughened up this young trainer. Hard working and somewhat stubborn Regis approached trouble with a brawler’s attitude: hit it hard and fast and don’t stop until you’ve cracked the surface. He’s the kind of guy that faces a challenge head on and never backs down; the kind of man that keeps getting up no matter how badly he was put down and he’ll do it with a laugh on his face.

His small town mentality results in a blissful ignorance towards the ‘greater’ matters in life, which to some might make Regis come off as naïve and immature. Practically raised in the Oreburgh mines, he picked up a stoic work ethic that demands hard work, rigorous training and gruesome persistence. This makes many see him as dim and simple, yet to be frank Regis isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. His version of strategy is “Hit ‘em hard and fast” which to many comes off as a fool’s approach for one with his ambitions. What he lacks in wit, Regis tried to make up for with guts and of that reckless valor he’s got plenty off.

In the miner world where he grew up there was no room for silly emotions and even today Regis is still not comfortable around folks publically displaying their feelings. Anger he can deal with, even fear but once folks start crying around him, he’ll get more awkward than a nun in a brothel. He isn’t one for talking and most schemes will be out of his comfort zone. That stoic bravado is also found in the Pokémon he trained with the exception of his Marowak. With that one he has a special friendship that requires no words, a bond that goes beyond the usual.

On a dusty autumn day when folks were trapped in their homes by a sandstorm, Oreburgh City suffered a tragedy when Myriam Maylene went into labor. Prevented by the storm, medical help didn’t arrive in time to save the woman from the lethal complications. All they found was a newborn babe breaking the tense silence of that broken home with its first cries. Roderick Rayne arrived an hour later, recently having become a father and a widower at the same time. With a broken heart and tears in his eyes he took his son from the doctor and welcomed Reginald “Regis” Rayne…

His father struggled as a single parent and being in that house kept bringing up the heartache of losing his beloved Myriam. Most days he spent working in the mine from dusk till dawn before heading to the pub and getting drunk enough so he could sleep till a new working day begun. This left Regis without proper guidance, raised by the elderly lady next door or by the local school teachers who struggled to connect with the fierce boy. And Regis was a feisty one growing up, constantly getting in trouble and skipping class to head into the mountains…

Regis preferred the solitude that the mountains offered. Growing up in a mining town, he was used to the rough outdoors and the many dangers such a setting offered. Pokemon played an essential part in his daily life seeing that his father owned a Donphan used in the mining operation. Regis himself would hike in the hills to observe the wild Pokemon living there. One day he came across a trainer preparing for the League. For hours Regis spied on the man’s practice, fascinated by the Marowak causing havoc in the old stone quarry where they were training. It was that day that Regis’s love for Ground-types was born…

When Regis turned fourteen, his dad came home early out of breath and sweating like an ox. Carrying in his arms was a badly wounded Cubone, bleeding from dozens of deep cuts and gashes. Apparently the little one had gotten in a skirmish against one of the wild Scyther living off Route 207. For days Regis sat the little one’s bedside patching him up while his dad was off to work. Every hour he’d change the bandages, every night he’d sleep on the floor just to make sure that Cubone was safe. One day the Cubone ran away to face that Scyther still badly wounded and Regis realized he and the little one had that in common. Never back down, no matter how pointless it might seem…

On that day Regis decided to begin his training to become a Champion as he and Cubone vouched to train in the mines until they were strong enough to deal with that rogue Scyther. Every day they’d scale the slopes of the Oreburgh quarry, lift boulders and run laps across rough terrain to prepare themselves for that fight. Two entire years were spent this way, each exercise more rigorous than the next until both trainer and Pokemon possessed the strength to make solid rock crack beneath their blows. That night they headed for Route 207, calling out the challenge that marked the start of their journey. Their fight against the Scyther took nearly an hour, Cubone finally capable of standing his ground until he finally managed to land the winning blow that settled the grudge match…

Scyther became the first Pokemon that Regis actually caught and while the rivalry between his newest addition and his best friend never fully faded, they became part of his team. The fight had been such a crucible for Cubone that the little one evolved into the fierce Marowak nowadays marching beside his trainer. A year later Regis and Marowak defeated a wild Electrabuzz along Route 222. In Celestic Town he adopted a Growlithe that hadn’t passed the police training. In the shallow waters of the Sunyshore bay Regis managed to catch the Shellder that evaded him for three weeks after their first encounter. After five intense years on the road Regis returned to Oreburgh for his father’s funeral. Inheriting his dad’s Donphan he now realized his future was not in this small mining community but out there in the world. Deciding to finally face the Gyms, Regis eventually traded Donphan for the last addition to his team, a chronically bad-tempered Noivern…

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