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Darius Jensen

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1 Darius Jensen on Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:00 am


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General Information
Summarized Character Information
Face Claim:
Scott Speedman

Character Name:
Darius Jensen

Dee (friends)
Boss (his pack)
Alpha (his pack)
Dirty Mutt (insult)
Inmate No. 381 (prison)

Appears in his early 30’s
Celebrated his 34th birthday

Date of Birth:
11th of June

Date of Turning:
Never turned, true born Werewolf
Became Alpha at age 19 (new pack)


Mechanic (official)
Alpha Wolf (pack leader)

Dropped out of Highschool
6 Months Mechanic Apprenticeship

English (native tongue)
Spanish (conversational only)
Portuguese (conversational only)
“Canine” (understands wolf/dog)

Coven Affiliation:

Loyal leader to his wolf pack
(No coven thusfar accepted the entire pack)



Eye Color:
Persian Green

Hair Color:
Dirty Blonde


No piercings
Dreamcatcher tattoo

Alternate Forms:
See his Species section for Wolf Form

Werewolf Alpha Information
“Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack”
Species Description:

Werewolves are a dime a dozen, unfortunate souls afflicted with Lycanthropy that forces them to embrace their inner beast. But an alpha is something else entirely. Many packs are led by a “chosen” alpha, a wolf ruling by right of the strongest but a few are blessed with a true Alpha. Darius is such a true Alpha, born a werewolf rather than turned which makes him inheritably stronger, faster and unfortunately more ferocious especially in wolf form. Unlike turned Werewolves, true Alphas remain in full control, enabling them to only partially transform and even to resist the allure of the full moon.

Different about Darius’ pack is that every wolf in it was personally turned by the Alpha himself, not by accident but through a rational decision. That’s why he considers them his family and like an overprotective mother this Alpha tends to go overboard when it comes to his pack. He can find the ones he turned, no matter where they might hide and like most true Alpha’s it’s hard to lose a scent once he picked up on it. Tracking makes him a fierce menace but it are those wolf senses that present the greatest peril. Seeing in the dark, hearing someone’s breath and smelling their prey from a hundred miles away are characteristics that even remain in human form.

But the real strength of a true Alpha resides in embracing his inner beast. In Wolf form Darius embodies the predominant Lycan powers. That canine ferocity is augmented by the arsenal of lethal weapons at his disposal: claws, fangs and the enhanced strength with matching reflexes attributed to the mythical beasts. The legends aren’t all true as a true Alpha can trigger his transformation at will and even resist the call of the full moon. The whispers about silver are unfortunately true for any of that precious metal piercing a vital organ will irrefutably mark the death of a werewolf.

Species Abilities:

Lycanthrope Physiology
Darius is a true Alpha werewolf capable of inducing his transformation from man to beast at will. Unlike turned werewolves, an Alpha’s metamorphosis is effortless, intuitive and barely instantaneous. He then adopts the likeness of a large feral wolf with an obsidian black coat only broken by a silver muzzle. He stands at least a foot taller than the average lycan and is capable of raising himself into bipedal movement which sacrifices speed for strength.

Feral Instincts
All werewolves are blessed with enhanced senses, including keen vision even in the pitch darkness, superior hearing and a nose that enables them to track people miles away. As an Alpha that tracking skill goes even beyond the typical Lycan traits. Any werewolf he turned, he can find them no matter where they might be hiding, no matter how far they might be from his location. Only powerful magic can cloak a “turned” from their alpha and Darius in particular is tenacious towards his pack.

Peak “Alpha” Condition
Like most Lycans his feral attributes reflect into his human life and yet Darius’ traits easily defined him as a genuine Alpha. Stronger than any human Darius is capable of lifting ten times his own weight and actually throwing himself through solid concrete walls. His grip is like steel enabling his fingers to burrow in rock and vertically scale walls. Werewolf speed is formidable but for Darius is are those lightning reflexes that prove the bigger threat. He could run circles around gold medalist sprinters, catch arrows mid-flight and even clear a thirty foot gap in a single leap.

Accelerated Regeneration
His kind has always been blessed with accelerated healing attributed to the rapid cellular regeneration one finds in wolves. This kind of healing is a genetic blessing that allows him to recover from most superficial injuries instantaneously. Severe wounds such as broken bones, burns or organ damage take more time and are often accompanied by excruciating pain during the mending process. Loss of limb however is permanent, both in human as in wolf form. Silver wounds are more grueling to regenerate anyways but only fatal when inflicted to any of the vital organs (brain, heart and spine).

Brilliant Person Tracker
Natural Born Pack Leader
Skilled Hand-to-Hand Fighter

Vulnerable to Pure Silver
Severely Allergic to Wolfsbane
Overprotective Towards the Pack

“It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be”
Hanging with his Pack
Riding the Perfect Wave
Pursuing the American Dream
His Love/Hate Relationship with Ray

Runaway Pack Members
Alpha Pretenders
Any Form of Law Enforcement
His Love/Hate Relationship with Ray

Personality Description:

Darius is a natural born leader, not exactly the role-model type but the kind of charismatic person capable of sweet talking people. He is a strong, confident and independent figure that attracts a specific type of people with that can’t resist the allure of danger. A classic bad boy he’s the kind of person that fathers warn their daughters about and cops automatically assume are guilty of any given crime that occurred in the neighborhood. Not that those would be wrong assumptions as Darius is unfortunately attracted to the same danger that draws others towards him. A glutton for punishment and an adrenaline junkie he’s a slave to the constant quest for the ultimate rush.

But he’s not just a rebel with a cause. Darius is a true family man, not that he actually has much “blood” to care for. Some might say that this was the true reason why he started his own pack, giving him the opportunity to assemble a family of his own choosing. Every member of his pack serves a role for which he/she was carefully selected and Darius keeps them all on a tight leash. He doesn’t permit weakness nor will he let any member of the pack leave or challenge his authority. And he goes far to keep that pack together, a feat he accomplishes at all costs. That’s why he values character and loyalty in people, having always trusted his gut feeling when it comes to passing judgement.

But Darius is not entirely without his faults. Other than being overprotective and strict towards the members of his pack, he has several flaws that makes living with him quite challenging at times. Darius has a mean temper, a short fuse that brings out a violent streak along with a foul mouth. His relationship with Ray Von is a perfect example of that. Their good moments were legendary but so were their bad times. Their fights were rough, harsh words and accusations flung at eachother’s head and stuff getting thrown around the room. It was a mutually abusive relationship and yet Darius wishes for nothing more than the return of those paradox days.

Background History
May Contain Graphic Content such as Violence, Sex and other…

True Alpha’s are a rare anomaly of nature, a strange aberration born in a normal household when all the circumstances align. A full moon on the night of conception, a birth beneath a blood moon, the sixth son of the sixth son and so many trivial details that Darius never understood. All those seemingly random events however came together for the Jensen family in South Dakota when they welcomed their last son Darius. His father Damian was a local contractor making an honest living putting up drywall and sheetrock while his mother was a stay-at-home woman struggling with the six boys in their household. With five older brothers life was rough, constantly enduring their bullying and teasing until it stirred something within him…

It took much longer than one could have foreseen but Darius eventually snapped during the height of puberty. It was the accumulated woe of years that eventually put him over the edge, that one final shove too many that eventually woke the beast within. A school bully unfortunately was the victim of that awakening being the first to witness the onslaught of a true Werewolf. The police couldn’t figure out the incident still labeling it a freak animal attack that killed young Kenny Weyland. But Darius learnt the truth that day and couldn’t live with the guilt. That’s when he ran away, dropping out of highschool and moving West to the sunshine state California…

Here he found a family, a pack of werewolves that listened to the commands of an “Alpha” called Mario. They taught him how to control it, how to master it and yet they couldn’t quite understand how Darius was different. The pack members first noticed it when the full moon dawned on the night horizon and yet Darius wasn’t compelled to transform. The young man remained in full control and that frightened the Alpha. Among the packs there’d been rumors of true Alpha’s that weren’t turned but born. Genuine lycanthropy victims by nature. That’s when Mario’s worries began to rise, noticing just how different Darius was from the rest of the pack. Bigger, stronger and faster the newest member soon became a threat to the current Alpha who decided to exile Darius before his leadership could be questioned by a naturally superior predator…

Darius took his exile from the pack in stride, understanding that even similarly afflicted people weren’t really family. That’s when he began to dream of establishing his own pack, a group of individuals that could act as the surrogate family he always desired. So he began to actively look out for certain people. To finance his search and the traveling needed to find those like-minded souls Darius resorted to crime, starting with simple hustles and scams that rapidly escalated to an actual crime spree. That’s when he first found his “brothers”, two fellow surfers that shared his adrenaline addiction and love for old school heists. Next his pack began to grow and soon enough he set his sight on a certain girl that made him abandon all his prior “recruitment” reservations. He turned Ray Von marking the beginning of a toxic love/hate relation that brought the pack to Soteria.

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