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Vera Hessdalen

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1 Vera Hessdalen on Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:21 am



Veronica Hessdalen

Mia Malkova


Vera the Deaf
The Deaf Sister
The Echo of the Past

Una Hessdalen: triplet sister
Willa Hessdalen: triplet sister
Barca Hessdalen: older brother



Social Status:
Public Relations agent


Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:

Hessdalen Valley

Date of birth:
Winter Solstice in 874AC

Current residence:
(Hessdalen’s Manner or Hessdalen’s Boutique)

Other residences before hollows:
Hessdalen Valley, Norway
Askja Volcano, Iceland

Hair Color:
Bright butterscotch blonde

Eye Color:



Skin tone:
Caucasian, pale cream with a soft Spring tan

Blood Type:
No blood, pure light

Female at minimum
• #Cup Size: C
• #Bust Size: 34”
• #Waist Size: 26”
• #Hip Size: 36”
• #Dress Size: 1

Physical Appearance:
While the other two parts of the Hessdalen triplets are slender as a twig, Vera displays more a corn fed vigor with fuller curves and an adorable petite figure. A subtle amount of baby fat in her face give her that cute girl expression finished by a complementary pearly white smile and brilliant emerald green eyes. The same radiant golden hair tumbles down her shoulders, yet Vera’s is slightly darker with a hint of honey amber discovered in the sunlight. Both her sisters all feature that perfect flat stomach that Vera lacks for just the littlest amount of extra weight gives her an added attraction. Vera is best described in a single word as adorable, not cute, not gorgeous but absolutely adorable with an incredible huggable factor that makes her often the friend rather than the girlfriend. Still certain key Hessdalen features do return in Vera, from the long legs, the sensual proportions and the heavenly glow to that lovely cream complexion. Still despite what she always considered her ‘inferior’ Hessdalen looks, she’s no stranger to flaunting her stuff in a daring provocative fashion, enabled by the rich wardrobe options available to her with her sister as a renowned fashion designer…

Will-O'-The-Wisp Physiology
As a Hessdalen child is a Will-O’-The-Wisp they have the ability to take on the form of Will-O'-The-Wisp, which transforms them in a fairy-like creatures out of pure light, attempting to lead lost travelers to safety. They manifest usually as ghostly lights or spherical flames, sometimes with a ghostly form holding or carrying her, or as glowing, vaguely shaped form yet never does a Will-O’-The-Wisp appear the same. Some dare say the Will-O’-The-Wisp differs in appearance based on the eye of the beholder. Being a benevolent being they are to remain mostly neutral, only be seen at night over really dark areas such as a swamps, marshes or a thick fog to those in need of guidance. Note that when they take their true form, they’re ever to return to the treasure she was intended to guard, floating back to the lands of her origins hidden deep in the Hessdalen Valley in the center of Norway.

Aura Manipulation
While remaining neutral at all times, dire moments will require the Will-O’-The-Wisp to fight to defend the treasure their existence hides from the world. Only in her true form can she wield these powers, converting her own radiant light into a powerful energy applied in combat as strong bursts of light. The effects of her aura wielded as a weapon differs from blinding flashes burning the eyes, to scorching waves that seem deep into the body. The more of her light inserted in the ability, the stronger the attack will become though in more dire circumstances she can even convert all her life’s essence into a single storm of light that banishes all who carry evil in their heart. A sacrifice truly but in desperate times, desperate measure are applied; a life for a life it’s often said as the Will-O’-The-Wisp can sacrifice its own life to claim the life of its attack, binding the faith of one to the other in a sacred pledge that cannot be broken or stopped…

Echo of the Past
A power unique to Vera who was born without a hearing of her own, permits her to use the ears of others to hear on her behalf. It’s a curious thing but all those willingly offering their ears for Vera to listen will find a sense of euphoria rushing through them. Most of all she’ll hear what others can’t, hearing that which most leave unspoken; emotions, memories and thoughts locked away in the darkest corners of a person’s mind will be heard by both the Deaf Sister as the person who lend her their ears. One cannot lie to Vera, nor to the people who’ve offered their sense of hearing to the girl as even after the gift has been dismissed, a curious buzzing will sound each time someone speaks a lie. It’s a permanent affliction, believed to be a blessing for their kindness yet Vera often wishes she’d be completely deaf so the buzzing of lies would stop for nowadays it seems the entire world is run by lies…

Illusion Eye
Three mighty powers each Will-O’-The-Wisp possesses, each of them to be found in ‘voice’, ‘sight’ and ‘hearing’ though the ‘hearing’ had been forfeit to the deaf Hessdalen daughter. Illusion Eye is the power of ‘Sight’ blessed upon each of the Will-O’-The-Wisps; the power to send powerful brainwaves to enemies creating mental illusions. These illusions are the past memories of strangers, moments before their deaths occurred. This ability, according to cannot be shut off, however; it can utilize those memories to capture the victims in a powerful illusionary recreation of the event, ultimately leading to the victim's death. This power depends on the field of vision of the Wisp for a bond of sight is to be maintained at all time between user and enemy. The illusion can last as long as the victim is in the field of sight of the user and will take time to dissolve and fade after light of sight has been broken. Some travelers freed from the power return to it, fleeing willingly into the illusion conjured for dreams are ever more sweet than reality…

Siren Song
Three mighty powers each Will-O’-The-Wisp possesses, each of them to be found in ‘voice’, ‘sight’ and ‘hearing’ though the ‘hearing’ had been forfeit to the deaf Hessdalen daughter. Siren song is the power of ‘Hearing’ blessed upon each of the Will-O’-The-Wisps; the power to emit astonishingly beautiful and enchanting song/music that is capable of luring anyone who hears it to come towards the singer. Most Wisps have ever wielded this gift to guide unfortunate travelers astray, sending them aimlessly wandering in the marshes until the waters claim them. The Hessdalen Wisps have used this hypnotic song however to show the right path to safety through the valley, using their voice as a beacon in the mist. The song is beautiful and near irresistible as it affects both men and women with equal potency contrary to the creatures it was named after…

Birth Marks:
At her right heel, she shares a marking with her sister that when all three are put together make for a strange three petal flower figure similar to the wild iris.


Ear lobe piercings

Natural Scent
Vanilla with just a subtle hint of mint

Favorite Perfume
Kenzo Parfum D'Ete: Light and slightly green, Parfum D’Ete doesn’t have top notes, but shines with all of its components at once, while the note of jasmine lends its sensual accord to this composition, along with freshly-picked cyclamen, gorgeous hyacinth and sweet peach blossom. The green accord is composed of leafy greens, green herb juice, lily-of-the-valley and lotus. It’s a subtle perfume for certain, something only noticed after a while when being in her presence for most will first pick up on the vanilla sweet natural scent with that refreshing hint of mint that greets people first…


Fashion & Makeup:
Often serving as the ‘natural real-woman’ model for the next season line of her sister, Vera is often most comfortable in well-fitted dresses tailored to disguise her subtle imperfections while bringing focus towards her stronger features. Soft fabrics like velvets and satins make up the majority of her wardrobe, each of them in subtle flattering colors that are both youthful yet professional at the same time. Knitted sweaters and tops earn a special place in choice of cloths while on her days off she’ll flaunt her long legs in tight hot pants that hug her ample rear flawlessly. Slightly shy to wear revealing cloths in public, especially bikinis, it’s a rarity to see Vera in swimwear if not accompanied by at least all of her sisters or their brother. Makeup is seldom applied, only upon the insistence of her sister Una who’s known to drag Vera to wild parties that the Deaf Sister cares so little for. The occasional blush and lipstick finds its way in her bathroom drawer, along with eyeliner and eye shadow to draw attention to her strongest feature, those emerald green eyes…

Sociability & Emotionality:
By definition Vera is a shy wallflower clinging to the background while her sisters take to the spotlight yet around the family she’s known to have the sharpest tongue. Much like a cornered animal one should not underestimate the deaf sister who’s known to always speak her mind and even to break a person with a verbal rampage founded on sound arguments. She’s a cunning business woman though, always capable of getting the best deal for the family company with a clever eye for opportunity. The whole emotional field concerning personal amorous relations has ever baffled her, leaving her awkward in the face of men seeking something different from her than sound council or clever business advice. True that she’s a smart confident woman strongest in her professional relations but the whole personal life leaves her puzzled. Her family came and comes first always, as Vera plays a motherly role in their household being ironically enough the voice of reason in their home. She’s the person all comes to in their time of need never judging and never blaming…

Vera is a girl with flaws and of that she’s perfectly aware, turning her timid and self-conscious. Towards the world and especially professionally she projects herself as a confident and ambitious individual but in the privacy of her own home she sheds the guise. Always feeling as the lesser daughter in the Hessdalen triplet, Vera looks at Willa and Una with certain envy for it’s always Una getting the boys’ attention or Willa getting the fame. There’s no resentment however towards her siblings only a healthy rivalry that keeps her on her toes, defining herself through her actions. While family is most important in her life, Vera is a hopeless romantic who seeks refuge from her own non-existing love life in the many rom-com movies she watched. Eating and cooking is a way for her to escape her dull personal life for she otherwise does not invest time in expanding her social life. Parties and social events are something she cares little about for noisy environments trouble her despite her deafness. It’s the vibrations that bother her for Vera has long accepted her handicap…

Strengths & Weaknesses:
• Talking
• Bartering
• Advertising
• Networking
• Photography
• Commercializing

• Flirting
• Fighting
• Listening
• Socializing
• Confrontation

Interests & Hobbies:
• Fashion
• Cooking
• Photography
• Watching movies
• Visiting museums

• Drink: French 75
• Food: Salad Niçoise
• Person: Willa Hessdalen
• Item: De'Longhi Lattissima
• Place: New York Fashion Week
• Cloths: Zac Posen Embroidered Dress

• Drink: Wild Turkey
• Food: Shepherd's Pie
• Person: Rabih Kayrouz
• Item: Dyson DC52 Allergy
• Place: Alameda Swap Meet
• Cloths: Maison Rabih Kayrouz dress

Vera is a clever young woman with bold ambitions and a strong business etiquette, putting her professional life first to her personal life. She has extraordinary wits that permit her to always strike a bargain, getting the best possible deal for the family business. Smart and wise she takes the maternal role in the Hessdalen family, serving as the sound foundation for the others to depend on in good and bad times. True that outside her familial life, there’s little other worth mentioning about Vera, who simply goes through life taking whatever opportunities come her way as long as they have their merits. She’s a dreamer though, a hopeless romantic who fantasizes about the many grand things she’d seen in one of her movies while eating her troubles away. Cooking is an escape and hosting the dinner parties during the holidays is one of the few moments she genuinely looks forward to all year…

Song and or Playlist:

Vera owns a Colt mustang pocketlite 380 handgun

In the Hessdalen Valley, hidden deep within frozen lands of Norway the Will-O’-The-Wisps have always guarded the paths through treacherous bogs and perilous tundra where mist never seemed to retreat from the valley. At first when the conquerors came, the Wisps defended their territories with trickery and deceit, leading unknowing stranger to their death in the marshes but as years slipped by and human presence became tolerated, the Will-O’-The-Wisps became beloved guides to those lost and desperate. One family in particular of this kin has ever been the welcomed sight to those found wandering the marshes of the valley and awarded for their services the valley was named in their liking. Hessdalen. Bright was their light and just was their cause for each of the strangers to their lands were returned to the safety of their homes by their guidance. Curiously enough one never sought the purpose of the Will-O’-The-Wisps in the valley for the people had ever been unaware of their true purpose in the thick of that mist. While misguiding or guiding travelers seemed to be their sole charge, the Hessdalen wisps coveted a secret far greater than the kindness of their hearts. Deep within the marshlands, long lost to the knowledge of mortal men, the Will-O’-The-Wisps guarded a treasure of such value that its fortunes would change the faith of kingdoms and redefine the borders that had been writ in stone for ages. Ancient dynasties would fade for with the treasure alone an empire could be forged, binding all beneath a single banner if such had been their intend. The Andvaranaut, sometimes known as Andvari's Gift was the true burden entrusted in the care of the Hessdalen Wisps for in the days of old the Valkyrie Brynhildr brought this wicked gift to their care. A magical ring with the ability to make gold of any material it touches was a cursed gift to great to leave undefended in this world and while the mist veiled it presence, the Wisps ever led mankind away from this mythical artifact…

For generations the Will-O’-The-Wisps of Hessdalen Valley kept the Andvaranaut safe, away from the greedy hands of mortals and the wicked intends of all other fiends that roamed the earth. When one generation’s light grew dim and fading, the Wisps would take form to seek out a mate, giving their life light to bring forth a new generation of Wisps. Curiously enough one Wisp’s light will only suffice for the creation of another, never permitting their numbers to grow. Or so it was thought. The Wisp that fathered the Hessdalen siblings was a leader of his race, shining brighter and stronger than any Wisp ever did before. And in the prime of his years he found love with a fair maiden found astray in the valley marshes, wandering desperately through the pits and pools where life came to die. The Wisp found the girl and led her to safety but in doing so as she shared her woeful tale, the Wisp lost his heart to the fair maiden. And so years before his time, the Wisp took form and chose a life amongst mortals, pursuing a life of love and affection instead of the keeping secret of the ancient artifact hidden deep within the mist. He forfeited his place, the first of their kind to walk a path of his own choosing. Their love flourished brighter than a thousand suns and brought forth children, four instead of one yet each with a flaw, a taint of sorts brought forth by the mortal mother. First came Bardrick, the son to whom the father was intended to give all his light, yet love had offered him strength to endure. The son was born a Wisp yet absent of light; a flawed wisp but a complete mortal. Then by the fortunate event of birth on the instance of midwinter solstice, not one but three daughters were born from the light of their father who faded forever. The first born that day was Willa, who’d been denied a voice of her own. A second later Vera entered this world denied the pleasures of sound. And last to come was Una who’d never see the beauty this world has to offer. Each of the triplets was flawed as a human but complete as a Wisp about to make the crucial decision: follow in the footsteps of their father or return to the old ways.

Here starts the story of Veronica Hessdalen for with each choice she made, her path in this world became clearer. Vera has a tale of her own to tell, a mind of her own solely absent of a voice that would otherwise have made her complete. In Hessdalen she was most comfortable for the valley had been her home and will ever remain so even when parted from her homeland. For years she enjoyed the company of her sisters, brother and mother, who was blissfully unaware of her children’s true nature. Hours at a time she’d spent roaming the local markets loving the energy of people bartering for the best prices and observing closely how the men settled their affairs with wits and cunning. She picked up on some tricks along the way, leaving that promises often bettered commercial relations while true bargains are struck with kind gestures and charming flattery that lowered people’s defenses. Her mother always knew Vera was destined for a career in commerce but the woman didn’t life to see that day come. When their mother died however, nature and instinct kicked in for Vera was the first to sense the valley calling for them. She led her siblings to the marshes in the valley where they discovered the light of the Will-O’-The-Wisps within them. For ages they lived as ghost lights leading folks away from the treasure hidden in Hessdalen valley, keeping its secret safe from the greed of mankind. But not all took so kindly to the task as their brother was constantly reminded of his flaws as a wisp being born without their eliminating brightness. His envy of the wisps grew ever stronger until despair drove him to a treacherous path that forced his hands to steal that which his kin had guarded for ages. With his sisters that night tasked to lure away wanderers, he snuck to the secret hideout of the artifact where he took it before fleeing into the darkness of night. The Will-O’-The-Wisps searched desperately for Andvaranaut but could not find it, only the triplets being able to sense its whereabouts…

Following their senses bound amongst the siblings, the triplets began the pursuit on their brother, whom with each day ahead lured them further from the Hessdalen valley. And the further they parted from their homeland, the weaker the song of their kin grew until it faded into nothing. Soon when they crossed borders and reached across vast wild seas the Hessdalen triplet began to forget the duty that lead them upon this path, once more clearing the road for them to become what they’d always wanted. In Iceland they were reunited with their brother who’d waited solemnly at the azure blue crater lake of Askja with the stolen ring in his hand. Willa was the first to notice and while most would be frightened of a Wisp’s wrath, her brother greeted her with the warmest of smiles and a soft kiss pressed to her cheek. “And now we’re free to pursue the path father had intended for us. No more being empty lights eternally adrift in the mist but people with a future and a life ahead. Find what your heart desires and welcome it with a smile and kiss.” Willa didn’t understand, having never in her brother but her sister Vera knew. She knew it had ever been their brother’s intention to free them from the everlasting duty a Will-O’-The-Wisp has and sought to free them of their charge. She’d been the shoulder he cried on when he faced the constant reminded of his light denied. Una always neutral in the quarrels of her siblings stood aside watching the whole argument unfold but in the end the final act consisted of three elements they’d forever remember. First she watched in shock how her brother took the Andvaranaut and placed it upon a tower of pebbles that transformed instantly into a tower of gold. Heavy it shone in the light of the sun setting over the volcanic lake as Barca handed each the means to their future. Vera was given the stack of golden pebbles her brother had made and right then she knew Barca had ever been informed of her true calling: to finance and trade as their mother had dreamt she would...

Now more than a thousand years have passed and the name Hessdalen grew ever more prominent in the evergreen meadows of Iceland. The country came to associate the name with one of its most prominent fashion houses as Hessdalen’s became a true icon for the fashion industry. Willa worked closely together with her siblings, including her brother Barca who’d first been most apprehensive about the whole affair yet now runs the financial affairs. Her sister Vera, denied the sense of hearing since birth is her in-house photographer and head of public relations whereas Una blind as she may be finest commercial director yet selecting the fabrics and materials for next season’s collection. Business boomed and the success of Hessdalen’s grew with each season as the brand and name quickly leaped across the Icelandic borders. New York fashion week sent an invitation and soon all Hessdalen siblings set course to the United States in pursuit of the next stage of their personal epos. After fashion week the popularity of the label grew exponentially, making the demand grow far beyond the means of their current factory. So they moved elsewhere looking for the perfect location to settle down and start the flagship store of Hessdalen’s in the United States. New York seemed the logical choice yet by coincidence their attention fell to the quaint town of Hollows in Colorado. It seemed appropriate to venture to the place where most of the world’s varied creatures took residence to start a business founded and operated by Will-o’-The-Wisps who ever called mysteries lands and parts unknown their home. Now the construction of their shop is near complete and the ribbon soon will be cut, opening the first Hessdalen’s in Hollows…


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