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Gabrielle Delacour

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1 Gabrielle Delacour on Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:58 am



Identification Card

Witch/Wizard Registration

Personal Information

Ministry Required Information

Face Claim

Maria Sharapova


Gabrielle Delacour




Gabi (friends & family)

Sex & Gender



Formerly Bicurious, now Straight

Marital Status

Single but looking to commit

Place of Birth:

Lagrasse, departement de l’Aude, France

Alma Mater:

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

Blood Status:



9 ¾" Rosewood Veela Hair


Originally an Abraxan but turned into a Granian

Apparition License:

Yes but favors flying by Abraxan


Grindylows from the Black Lake


Rebellious – Outspoken – Protective – Seductive – Traumatized

Gabrielle may feature a striking resemblance to her sister, personality wise they couldn’t be more different. Growing up in the big shadow cast by her successful Triwizard Champion sister, Gabrielle grew eager to the point of desperate to get attention. For that she became rebellious, becoming more verbal than most Delacours in voicing her opinion and carrying little for the judgement of others regarding her behavior. She demanded her own recognition, which was hard especially during her teens when the entire world seemed fond of comparing her to the perfect “Fleur”. It resulted in a slight inferiority complex that she then acted out by getting into trouble, hanging out with the wrong sort of people and pursuing a career path that didn’t exactly fit in within her parents’ expectations for their little girl. Despite the rollercoaster ride that made up her adolescent years however, Gabrielle found some peace in the aftermath of the Second Wizarding War when a new role was placed upon her: aunt.

It was the birth of her niece Victoire that tamed her wild and free-spirited mentality. Being named godmother to that precious baby girl suddenly awoke an entirely new instinct, one revealing the loving, carrying but most importantly that protective side of her previously unknown. It was as if her sister’s child suddenly ignited some elemental instinct within her, to nurture and inspire, to finally embrace the role-model example that would be expected off her. That’s when family became important to her, taking time from her wild adventures to visit the Shell Cottage where she was always received as the “cool aunt” by her nieces and nephew. For them she’d go through hell and back, face an army of Death Eaters and lay down her own life if it would spare them even a single tear in their precious lives. In addition she became a confidant to Victoire and Dominique, becoming the woman they could always turn to with their problems especially when they feared their parents’ scrutiny.

Some characteristics are learnt, the product of education and circumstances while others are hereditary and within the Delacour family there’s one trait that runs strong along the female line: seduction. Attributed to their Veela heritage, both Fleur and Gabrielle possess a naturally tempting energy that lures men and makes them susceptible to the oldest form of magic in existence. For Gabrielle this distinct Veela gift developed much later than expected, only presenting itself in her early twenties but a lot more intensely than with her sister. It was then that she learnt about the power of temptation, the hypnotic lullaby of a girl’s attention being capable of impossible feats with certain boys and men. And unlike her sister, she actually took advantage of this amorous advantages. For years she indulged her physical and emotional appetites freely, discovering herself and her sexuality along the way which allowed her to overcome the jealousy once fostered towards her sister.

But Gabrielle is crippled by one distinct phobia, a scar dating back to the traumatic events during the Second Task of the Triwizard tournament of 94-95. Being abducted by the merpeople, held captive for her sister to come rescue her from the depths of the Black Lake have forever instilled her with a paralytic fear for any form of open water. Gabrielle can no longer be around any lake, river, sea or even pond where she can’t see the bottom. To this very day she will wake up in cold sweats from terrifying nightmares from that day. Potent as the enchanted sleep spell had been that put her under, it turned out that the numerous retellings of that grim day have made her acutely aware of the peril she’d been in. That same trauma also brought her closer to her brother in law and his friend, both men she held accountable for her rescue when her sister failed to complete the Second Task. For that reason they too have earned her gratitude and loyalty which is partially why she moved to Stone Hallows.

Background Information

Records of Education and Work History.


School(s) Attended:

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

Classes & Grades:

Charms: O
Potions: A
Herbology: E
Astronomy: A
Transfiguration: O
History of Magic: A
Defense Against Dark Arts: E
Care for Magical Creatures: O


Seeker at Beauxbatons House Team
French Winged Horse Race Champion
Assistant Stable Hand at Beauxbatons

Clubs & Extracurriculars:

Winged Horse Racers Club
Student Exchange Program
Quidditch Captain & Seeker


Five Time Winged Horse Race Champion

Gabrielle never had a clue what to do with her future upon graduating from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Back then she was still in that rebellious stage, acting out because her parents only had eye for the “good sister”. She had a number of interim jobs, from stocking shelves at a wizarding books store in Paris to waiting tables at a Muggle restaurant in Saint Tropez. She was rudderless for the next five years until an old familiar face came to her rescue. Per her family’s request Madame Olympe Maxime sought her out, offering her an assistant stable hand job at Beauxbatons. It was strange being back at the wizarding academy but she found some peace in working with the Abraxan herd stabled on those grounds. There was a serene magic to these creatures and with them she discovered her true talent to race these majestic beasts.

It was around the time her sister’s first daughter and her own goddaughter began her first year at Hogwarts that Gabrielle decided to actually become a role model to her sister’s children. That’s when she decided to climb in the saddle for the first time and signed up for her first winged horse race. By some miracle she actually won that first official contest outside of the Beauxbatons club competitions and she hasn’t stopped ever since. Thirteen years now Gabrielle has been competing on the highest level of Winged Horse racing, initially using an Abraxan from the Beauxbatons’ stables but later moving towards the faster Granian breed. Since that shift in horse breed, her ascend on the international charts skyrocketed earning her five consecutive World Champion titles. Between her travels and races she’s also a full time aunt to Victoire, Dominique and Louis Weasley.

Skills & Abilities

Champion Winged Horse Racer – Decent Duelist – Wicked Flyer – Veela Seduction – Skilled Gymnast


Fiercely loyal to the Delacour, Weasley and the Potter Family
Shares the Order of the Phoenix Ideology but Doesn’t Actively Participate

Family History

Some Geneology


Apolline Delacour


Victoire Weasley


Monsieur Delacour


Dominique Weasley


Fleur Weasley (née Delacour)


Louis Delacour

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