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ACTIVE: Elodie Valliant

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Elodie Malena Valliant

Malena Morgan

Pretty Elly
Elodie Mirella-Valliant

Boris Mirella: husband
Allegra Mirella: sister in law


Social Status:
Lingerie Model
Olympic Gymnast

(Salt) Kelpie


“Sometimes nudity is sexy. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes being clothed is more sexy than being nude or that’s what at least what the ugly girls keep telling themselves”

“I am beautiful, famous and gorgeous, so what more could I ask for?”

Relationship Status:

Age - Looks:
Early 20’s

Age - Actual:

Oberägeri, Switzerland

Date of birth:
1315–18, 15 November

Current residence:

Other residences before hollows:
Oberägeri, Switzerland
Denver, United States

Hair Color:
Dark Chocolate Brown

Eye Color:
Cerulean Blue with Lavender Flakes

5feet 8inches


Skin tone:
Caucasian, occasionally subtle sun tan

Blood Type:
B positieve

Female at minimum
• #Cup Size: C
• #Bust Size: 34”
• #Waist Size: 25”
• #Hip Size: 34”
• #Dress Size: 2
• #Shoe: 8

Physical Appearance:
Swiss of origins and born in wealth, Elodie enjoyed a most privileged childhood which transformed the ugly duckling into a magnificent swan. Weekly visits to the stylist have kept her perfectly groomed, hair beautifully brushed to a dark chocolate brown shine, nails manicured and layered with a fresh layer of polish each week. Her days-off are spent basking in the buff by the pool letting the sun kiss her alabaster skin until it’s just that soft perfect shade of bronze. Most will instantly notice those bright cerulean blue eyes with curious flakes of lavender sparkling like tiny stars reminding people of the fathomless depths of the ocean. Add to that the fine wardrobe accessible to the banker’s daughter and a true diva is born, confident and radiant with a strong sense of who she is supposed to be.

Video of Elodie’s training routine

Fine breeding is one thing, but in the debate nature versus nurture one may never neglect the importance of maintaining the gifts entrusted at birth. Elodie took splendid care of her body. Starting going to the gym at the age of ten, she quickly developed a fondness for the thrill of physical fitness. The standard ballet classes her peers attended weren’t challenging enough, as Elodie ever wished to push herself further. From school gym she moved on towards semi-professional gymnastics, deciding to put her attention in the disciples of Uneven Bars and the Balance Beam. At age 15 (appearance) she was selected for her country’s Olympic Gymnast team. Evidently such strenuous training has left her body ripped and toned to sheer perfection. A flat stomach, not an ounce of fat with arms and legs toned are the direct result of her frequent exercise while elegance and agility simply come with her disciples.

As a Kelpie, Elodie is made up completely out of (salt) water which at her desire can manipulated. She can turn liquid in the blink of an eye leaving her transformed into homogenous matter, without any part of her form being more important than the other. She can dissipate into a dense fog, becoming a gaseous entity without a form or distinguishable shape rendering her practically invulnerable to physical attacks.  The transformation however is strenuous and not without a price for with each turn it takes her longer to turn solid once more while in the end she’ll simply become the element from which she’s made. Permanent Liquification may be the result of excessive use of this ability but most times a good night’s rest and plenty of fluids to regain her strength.

Magic Negation
Unlike Lake Kelpies, a Salt Kelpie like Elodie can negate superhuman powers and effects that originate from magic. Spells, curses, hexes, jinxes and charms may all be negated by her without even breaking a sweat. In addition, magical objects/items and potions are rendered useless, while the effect of ley lines is diminished entirely. Magical creations even weaken, and eventually crumble, disperse or dissolve in her presence as all applications of magic simply are reduced to water. Offensive spells regardless of their strength will instantly be reduced to a meager drizzle washing over her as Elodie remains unhindered by magical applications. Magical constructs, conjugations and even reality warping abilities will be.

Kelpie Physiology
Salt Kelpie contrary to their Lake siblings have mastered their curse known as Kelpie’s Bane and resulting from that, they can transform at their leisure into their ferocious yet magnificent Kelpie form. For Elodie her true form is a glamorous white mare with long silver manes cascading along her elegant animal neck, a tail like a curtain of silver shining brightly in the sun. Don’t let the beauty of these horses galloping along the shore blind you, for the Kelpie is as treacherous as it’s breathtaking, luring unfortunate souls into a watery grave where their true nature as gruesome predators is revealed.

Aquatic Adaptation
Elodie as a Kelpie is adapted to underwater environments, being able to breathe water in lieu of, to swim well and to endure high water pressure and extreme water temperatures. She can remain submerged for days without the need of catching a breathe, race through the wildest waters with formidable speed but most curious of all, she is able to understand the speech of all the living creatures roaming in sea, lake and ponds be them fresh or salt water. Most curious of all is the Kelpie ability to sense the presence of another Kelpie and should they not share their gender, an irresistible temptation will arise.

Hydrokinetic Regeneration
Like most Kelpies Elodie can use water to regenerate her bodies with the amount used defining the speed of healing. Minor injuries, such as trivial cuts, scratches or bruises will wash away in a feeble drizzle of rain whereas graver injuries require significantly more. Curiously enough a loss of limb or even the most severe of injuries can be mended in due time when submerged in water, salt preferably though the process takes time and with time comes a hunger that will stir the savage nature of the beast. It’s not uncommon to find a mortally wounded Salt Kelpie going primal again after it’s been nursed to health by the fathomless depths of the sea. Still the healing depends fully on the presence of water and while fresh water will keep her alive through the gravest of circumstances, salt water is preferred for the injuries to mend without a mark.

Birth Marks:
Star shaped salt spots on the back of her neck
Teardrop shaped mold just above the small of her back

Hickey mark just beneath her right ear (permanent)

In her brief wind days together with Boris Mirella they’d gotten matching tattoos. Boris had once showed three stars and a hawk on his shoulder but aquatic regeneration erased them because he wanted them gone. Elodie however wears her ink with pride, showing the sexy three stars and delicate songbird along the sexy curve above the waistband of her pants. The design is simple and subtle, a plain black and white print but precious nonetheless as it emphasize the delicacy of her gorgeous body. Three stars, each getting a bit bigger when it climbs along the curve of her hip sit on the right, the smallest star only seen with a single point from her pants. The little bird to the left is a cartoon songbird with a precious tail that follows the natural line of her waist.

Natural Scent
Like the azure freshness of the tropical sea tide

Perfume of Choice
Elodie prefers the La Plage Sea by DSH Perfumes; a scent of beach, salty air, light breeze, sun drenched sand and fresh air in a bottle. This is a perfume of happy summer days on a beach by an ocean. The composition opens with citruses: bergamot, lemon and petit grain. Cucumber, salt and ocean notes are at the heart, while the base features oceanic water.


The voice of model I’m using, not the other 2 female vocals

Fashion & Makeup:
Elodie is a gorgeous and sexy young woman in the prime of her years and hence dresses that way, showing off all those features society deems desirable. Short skirts, tight shorts and provocative tops with plenty of skin showed make up for the majority her wardrobe. The current fashion trends are only followed when they suit her fancy, otherwise she’ll simply go in what comes natural: sexy and dangerously close to slutty. The majority of her closet however consists out of swimwear and lingerie, mostly awarded by satisfied employers and designers she worked with in the past. For more glamorous events, Elodie will pick the most stunning dresses with lusty deep necklines and elegant slits that get a rise out of most men without her even trying. Beside the sexy, her wardrobe offers a vast selection of sportswear of the highest quality, mostly gymnastic attires and workout cloths.

Elodie is a girl with two faces: the sexy and the athletic. For her professional career as an Olympic Gymnast, she’s cutthroat devoted, meaning no time for fun and relaxation and especially not for music. During practice and competition, Elodie will abstain from the use of makeup unless absolutely needed. Outside the gym though, when the sweat of practice and the chalk of training has been rinsed off the different side to Elodie makes a most prestigious introduction that takes a man’s breath away; provocation and seduction are key and with that comes strong makeup emphasizing the natural elements of her face. A deep pink or glossy scarlet lipstick to perk up those full lips, dark smoky eyes for a tempting look and a soft blush to draw attention to her delicate cheeks. But most important however is her natural tan.

Sociability & Emotionality:
Elodie was raised as the daughter of “nouveau rich” Swiss banker Lazar Valiant, which resulted in a privileged and sheltered childhood filled with private tutors and prestigious boarding schools. Here she learnt ambition and cutthroat determination were needed to survive in these elitist ranks of society while teaching them to look down less fortunate and wealthy than themselves. Amongst the rich, famous and successful she’ll be in her element, acting pretty much like one would expect of her; gossiping and hanging around the mall are frequent pass times to the girl raised in a world oddly similar to the famous soap series like the O.C. or Gossip Girl. In everyday settings however she’ll come off as pompous and arrogant, stuck up and bitchy, sticking mostly to the popular crowd. Elodie adapts rather easily to new surroundings, being rather sociable by nature but never really bothering with the making of actual friends. Most people in her social circle are merely considered acquaintances, which in the end renders them expendable should the need for such dismissal arise. On the other hand her ambition led her upon a lonely path for in the modeling industry there’s no room for the weak and gentle of heart (all people must serve a purpose).

Emotionally Elodie is a rather straight forward kind of girl, being addicted to attention and fame. The affections and flattery of men are so common to her, that she takes their praise most often for granted because that’s simply what she expects from them. The renown that comes from having folks know your name, gives her a high no drug can rival; being a model and a world-renowned gymnast have opened several doors professionally but nothing cracked open the social media to her presence as the sex tape that was released about the Valliant daughter and a certain Denver Bronco (Boris Mirella) to whom she in a drunken spur of the moment got married. Today however her very nature continues bringing her to his doorstep, turning affection to obsession on a primal level. Sometimes it’s said a Kelpie mates for life and in the act they get imprinted on another making life without their other seem futile and pointless. True enough she can keep distracted from her amorous infatuation through utter dedication to her sport but regardless the yearning remains. But with obsession also comes possession and as a Kelpie Elodie cannot tolerate rivals be them on a professional or a personal level. As a gymnast she’ll outdo all the competition even it means certain harm will come to her, but as a person she’ll simply cannot allow her mate to be near another woman with vicious devotion that may bring violent repercussions to the rival.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
• Teasing
• Catfights
• Athletics
• Seduction
• Gymnastics

• Envy
• Water
• Jealousy
• Ambition
• Kelpie Bane
• Kelpie Attraction

Interests & Hobbies:
• Tanning
• Modeling
• Traveling
• Swimming
• Photography

• Place: Derclack Loch
• Person: Boris Mirella
• Food: Wild Salmon
• Hobby: Modeling
• Drink: Mimosa

• Person: Sophia Grimm
• Place: Sahara Desert
• Food: Horsemeat
• Hobby: Fishing
• Drink: Rum

Elodie is a dedicated, although obsessive person who’s so used to always getting what she wants whenever she wants it that it’s become natural to her to expect the same from others. A family like the Valliant have added privilege, wealth and power to that trait, making for a deathly combination for her enemies to face while a most awarding feature to have on your side in times of need. Kelpies stick together eternally and unconditionally while at the same time shunning all others from meddling in the purity of their line tolerating no outsiders, especially those gifted with magic. Magic in general is a sour point for a Salt Kelpie, seeing that their very existence resulted from a begrudged witch’s curse; this expresses itself in an instinctive loathing of all creatures entrusted with magical properties. On a more personal note however Elodie can be considered a stereotypical cheerleader type without the pom-poms and the uniform then as popularity and social standing are considered far more important than education or long-term professional success.

Song and or Playlist:

Nothing but her ‘Kelpie associated powers’ and athletic/gymnastic prowess.

To know Elodie one first must learn the history of the first Valliant, the first of its name and the first to bear its dreaded bane. It all began on the shore of Glencolumbcille in the north of Ireland where a valiant knight was awarded land and title for heroic services performed on behalf of the king. The town prospered and thrived under his reign and soon even the local peasants came to know their liege as the Valliant. For years the knight governed the lands assigned to him by the king with a kind and gentle hand. Helping on the farms, assisting in the construction of new homes the knight partook in all affairs of his town and for that became a gentleman most loved. In return for their love, the people lend him aid in a quest of his still unfulfilled as in all his years the man was without the love of a woman. During his soldier years he fought valiant and honorably but never did he receive the token of a lady for despite his courage, the knight was unfortunate to be without physical beauty. War had scarred his face and left his body riddled with burns that made off the valiant knight a poor match. Still the villagers tried to persuade their daughters to wed the Valiant knight, but while their hearts did feel for the man, their eyes couldn’t endure the sight of the man maimed by battle. So the town reached beyond its borders, seeking ladies in different countries each to run away at the mere sight of the Valiant knight. The nights grew colder and winter approached in the tenth year of his rule of the small town and still he’d been doomed to sit in his castle alone. Each night when the moon was full he’d stare into the vast open ocean beyond his balcony, wishing upon the stars that one day he’d find someone to love. And then a horrible storm swept through the bay, waves like walls of solid water rising from the depths came crashing ashore. The village was struck first and hard, houses of stone and wood alike washed away in the fury of the rising tide. Men drowned while women and children fled towards the safety of the castle walls where their Valiant knight opened his gates and offered his hearths to warm their cold soaked bodies at. For each of the eleven days that the storm raged he stood upon the battlements of his keep, torch in hand so that his vassals would find the way to safety. The sea soaked in his bones and the salt settled in his blood but still the knight stood watch. And upon the most violent day of the storm, when the waves came crashing at his curtain walls, the spray of its vicious tide drenching the knight, he stood his ground to find an elder man in stained robes to arrive at his gate. “Permit me entrance and you shall be awarded, oh valiant knight named in the light of your One God for I am old and cold in need of food and shelter in this dark storm,” the old man spoke but even in the darkness the knight could see the markings on the elder’s wrinkled skin. A pagan druid by all accounts, the old man was and as his king had commanded the Valiant knight had sworn an oath to strike down the enemies of the Lord. Still cold and weak the druid possessed no threat and the knight could not strike down an elderly seeking aid yet he could not permit his gates to be opened. “May the Lord forgive me this injustice but as my King commands it I shall not extend aid to a pagan. Though His justice may call me to strike you down, I will not so turn around and seek refuge elsewhere.” The old man at his gate bowed and took the knight’s words as a tainted phrase; mercy had been shown yet death awaited for those left outside in this weather, so the druid returned the favor. “Valiant knight, I shall gift you with the courtesy you’ve shown me so that one day you’ll learn what it means to come calling for aid in the middle of a storm…” And so the druid made a sign with his hands that the knight had never seen before as the darkness of the storm washed the man away from his gate…

And so when the storm came to pass and the villagers cleared out the rubble the tide had reduced their town to, the Valiant knight would come to know the gift of courtesy the old druid extended him. Walking through the streets, cobblestones drowned in salty puddles of murky water, seaweed clinging to everything in the tides’ path he heard the faintest of noises, barely a whisper. So the knight called out and while nobody else seemed to hear the plea, the knight was yet again answered by a whisper calling his name. Guided by the sound of this stranger, he climbed through rubble and ruins, ducked underneath collapsed walls until he finally reached the ancient stone pier that reached into the sea. The old lighthouse had broken in half, the old basalt stone having tumbled into the bay and from beneath one of the ancient pillars the voice called for his help. Driven by honor and valor the knight made his way through the wreckage, his shiny armor weighed down heavily in the cold waters of the bay yet still he swam towards the sound of that voice. And then he saw her, the most beautiful girl he’d ever laid eyes on in this lifetime; hair like  rich auburn cascaded down her porcelain shoulders as the lady appeared to be naked. The water masked most of her alabaster beauty but still it took his breathe away seeing the damsel in distress calling out his name. Quickly his eyes averted from staring and with a snap he’d released the golden cloak from his shoulders to guard her decency with. Then he crouched towards the shallow end of the water, bend the knee and lifted the block that trapped the woman. Muscles burned and his back ached but the knight refused to admit defeat. The breastplate bend under the stress and two of his fingers broke with an ugly popping sound but still he endured until finally in a feat of strength the battle between rock and knight was won in the latter’s favor. The pillar gave away and was pushed aside so the knight could extend his hand to the maiden rescued. And so the tale between the maiden and the Valiant knight began for unlike all others she looked beyond his imperfections and only saw the beauty within. After only a week since that dawn the knight and maiden was promised to be married and a month after they been told by the local healer a child was to be expected in the house of the happy couple. But true bliss could not be found as the knight had not truly extended a warm courtesy to the druid that made this all possible so upon each full moon the maiden disappeared from her chambers only to reappear on the spot where she’d first met her knight. And with each disappearance another of the villagers had gone missing yet the knight was blind to these events. All he could think off was the happiness he’d found with the girl the sea had brought him and the child she’d given him, a fit young girl and three years after an heir to continue the name that he took as Valliant. Many stories circled the village about their lady’s disappearance and when her children came off age, they too displayed their mother’s curious behavior. Each full moon and with each storm that swept in the bay, the knight’s family would slip from their chambers and reappear at the broken old pier while villagers had gone missing. All that remained were curious sightings of glamorous white horses galloping through the night along the coast...

Elodie was the first and only of a new generation in the Valliant family but for ages her kin have been marked by the same series of curious events. While the Valiant knight never found out the truth about his bride and children, after two generations the truth was eventually uncovered as all of the Valiant name shared in the same curse: Kelpie’s Bane. Each child born to the name had ancient cursed blood coursing through their veins that transformed the human into the ferocious Kelpie at the touch of a drop of water. At first it was a dreadful event of which they had no memory afterwards but the purest of their race learnt to bridle the mighty horses within. Still their bloodline is a most fascinating one for with each generation more traits to the curious breed were discovered; first they understood what induced the metamorphosis, water being the most common source but intense emotions can just as easily introduce the change. Second after three generations they found the result of breeding greatly differed based on the mate; another kelpie as mate regardless of their blood status will result in the birth of a Salt Kelpie, a pure and powerful variant of their race while mating with a human or anything different will result a Fresh Kelpie, the feebler and inferior breed. This knowledge let to a whole world of possibilities and opportunities for everywhere on this green planet more seemed to have befallen the grim faith of the Valiant family. Elodie however is one of the purest Kelpies around, with on her father’s side a long and colorful history of tragic Kelpie legends dating as far back as the origins of the Valiant knight of Glencolumbcille with her mother being descended from a Salt line that migrated towards the colder shores of Lake Geneva. Her father had inherited a banking empire that finances several of Europe’s strongest nations, biggest companies and international conglomerates bringing a vast fortune into her trust fund. Her mother on the other hand was a renowned event planner famous for having organized some of royalty’s most impressive weddings. Her childhood hence was a most eventful time of privilege and fortune, granting the youngest Valiant all the opportunities needed to make a name for herself in the world. And so she did for in the gymnastics initially considered merely a hobby, she discovered a true talent which awarded her with two Olympic Golden medals for the disciplines Uneven Bars and Balance Beam. Then came the photographers, initially drawn to the banker’s daughter for her success in the Olympic of 2012 in London. Today she has a glamorous career as a model in the swimwear/lingerie business which combined with her competitive gymnastics have awarded her with more trophies and money than she cares to admit. Still her life had appeared most uneventful in her opinion until the week in Las Vegas when her paths crossed with Boris Mirella. To call it love on first sight would be an insult to their relation for their feelings were stronger; the attraction was irresistible, almost primal to the point that it hurt but there was no denying the chemistry between those two. Sparks and passion ignited when they met and for the next week they’d spent in the city of sin they only saw the interior of their suite from every different angle in moments of ecstasy that words cannot describe. And come dawn on the seventh day, they went their separate ways with one big hiatus in their memory for they did leave their luxury room once: the wedding. However much they’d both wished to deny it, there was a tattoo on Boris and a big diamond ring on Elodie’s finger to bear witness to that event making the Valiant daughter now seek out her husband in Hollows…


Elodie was given an ivory colored Mercedes SLS AMG convertible during the drunken weekend spend with NFL superstar Boris Mirella which she still drives to this day. While she personally knows little of cars, Elodie has learnt to quote the user manual to describe the performance of her ride which goes something like this: The SLS AMG Roadster is a convertible version of SLS AMG Coupé, with conventional doors, three-layered fabric soft top (in Mg/Al construction) that opens and closes in just eleven seconds, and can be operated on the move at speeds up to 50 km/h (31 mph). The roadster's DIN kerb weight is 40 kg (88 lb) more than the SLS AMG Coupé. The Roadster reinforcements include side skirts with greater wall thicknesses and more chambers, dashboard cross-member is supported against the windscreen frame and center tunnel by additional struts, a curved strut between the soft top and the tank reinforces the rear axle, a reinforcing cross-member behind the seats to support the fixed roll-over protection system. Other features include 265/35 ZR 19 front and 295/30 ZR 20 rear wheels, optional AMG Sepang brown body colour, optional weight-optimized forged wheels in a 10-spoke design in black with a high-sheen rim flange, optional AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension, 173 liters boot capacity, choice of 3 trims (leather, matte-finished solid metal, optional carbon-fiber), black design leather upholstery, AMG sports seats with heating, a slot-in glass draught-stop, COMAND APS with DVD player, anti-theft alarm system with tow-away protection and interior monitoring, THERMOTRONIC luxury automatic climate control, KEYLESS-GO starting function, optional AIRSCARF ventilation at backrests of the AMG sports seats, leather-lined roll-over bars with integrated mesh in a "Silver Shadow" look with optional design Exclusive leather, optional electrically folding exterior mirrors, optional Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG surround sound system, AMG Performance Media with high-speed mobile internet access (via Android operating system), optional Blind Spot Assist, optional AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension, 3-stage ESP with acceleration skid control, optional front AMG ceramic brake discs, AMG 7-spoke light-alloy wheels (optional 5-twin-spoke wheels, weight-optimized 10-spoke forged wheels), 265/35 R 19 front and 295/30 R 20 rear tires, tire pressure monitoring system.

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