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Boris Mirella

Alan Ritchson

The White Stallion

“Just a heads up ladies, I'm beaver-free until further notice. So don't try to seduce me with your knockers, it won't work. You're dismissed.”

“I feel like I'm the best, but you're not going to get me to say that.”

Allegra Mirella



Social Status:
Denver Broncos Middle Linebacker


Relationship Status:
Single Player

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:

Derclack Loch in the Scottish Highlands

Date of birth:
August 13th

Current residence:
Recently moved to Hollows

Other residences before hollows:
• Derclack Loch
• Boulder
• Denver

Hair Color:
Dirty Blonde

Eye Color:
Royal Blue

6ft 1


Skin tone:

Blood Type:

Male at minimum
• Chest: 52 inches
• Waist: 36 inches
• Hip: 44 inches
• Bicep: 19 inches
• Forearm: 15 inches
• Thigh: 28 inches
• Calve: 18 inches
• Neck: 19 inches

Aquatic Regeneration (Self Restoration)
Boris’ body automatically heals itself of any injuries no matter how severe when coming in contact with water, allowing him to mend broken bones, reducing internal hemorrhaging, easing sour muscles all in a simple returning to the clean waters. This ability however is restricted to himself as none others can share in these marvelous accelerated healing features that the Kelpie’s Bane offer.

Kelpie Bane (Shape shifting to Horse Form)
Kelpie’s Bane is the involuntary transformation from man to horse form when coming in contact with the rain. Boris unlike his sister however has learned to control the metamorphosis to his advantage, allowing him to continue being outside in the rain without the change and even shift whenever he so desires to shift into his mighty stallion form.

Nixukinesis (advanced application of Liquification)
Within his own body only Boris can manipulate the physical density of his build to either turn liquid (Liquification) or even drastically increase in density similar to the hardening of water as it turns to ice at low temperatures. It’s a form of pressure manipulation that Boris has started to use to his advantage as a middle linebacker, using Liquification in a subtle way to increase his agility and evasion, while accumulating density to become an unstoppable force as a defensive player.

Bathyal Adaptation (Aquatic Life)
Like most Kelpies that have accepted their destiny Boris has learned to master Bathyal Adaption, the strange unexplainable feature that allows man to live and survive unhindered under water. The ability of water breathing, cellular rejuvenation and an adaptation to the increased hydrostatic pressure that’s found when diving deep into waters have all become the minor adjustments Boris body has undergone to accept the Kelpie Bane. This however made him dependant on water on regular intervals to keep himself young and active.

Athletic Synchronicity
Boris has learned about a rather peculiar ability the water associated Kelpie’s Bane has made available to his bloodline as he’s most recently become aware of anticipating the shifting balance of water in a human body. He’s able of synchronizing himself to his fellow team players and even with the opponent team allowing him to read their movement before actually happening, while subtly allowing to make minor changes in his team mates strategic set up, having recently made his team the Denver Broncos undefeated in the NFL.

Birth Marks:
Only minor birthmarks (brown spots)

None (due to Aquatic Regeneration)

None (due to Aquatic Regeneration)

Vintage Black” by Kenneth Cole

Assimilated with pink grapefruit, lime, dewy greens, hints of white pepper, tequila, lavender and oak with sandalwood, this cologne is a powerful one that can trigger the nostrils of anyone. If having to describe it in one word, it would have to be “Enchanting”.

The fragrance emanates a citrus scent at first, and is closely followed by a husky aroma, without any time lags in between. It strikes, and then strikes back. However, when applying this fragrance, apply it lightly - or it will become overwhelming for in spite of an initial sweet-sour smell, a freezing freshness that will follow, and make this fragrance a superb choice for young people who want to remain stylish.