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ACTIVE: Takashi Onizuka

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1 ACTIVE: Takashi Onizuka on Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:10 pm



Takashi Onizuka

Sung Kang

Tanner (for friends)
Chief Onizuka (police title)
Treize Khushrenada (previous)

“I believe in the love that changes sorrow into strength”

“I will correct the mistakes brought on by your weakness”

“The one whose heart is pure will not act recklessly, but will instead be free of mind”




Social Status:
Police Chief


Relationship Status:
Widowed (thrice)

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:
Mid-Twenties (recently reborn)
Born when the Sun first ignited (4.6 billion years)

Core of the Sun

Date of birth:
Approximately 4.6 billion years ago

Current residence:

Other residences before Hollows:
China (dawn of time)
Nepal (10th till 12th century)
China (14th till 19th century)
Tokyo (20th & 21st two centuries)

Hair Color:
Raven black

Eye Color:
Obsidian black



Skin tone:
Peach oriental

Blood Type:

Male at minimum
• Chest Size: 42 inches
• Waist Size: 34 inches
• Biceps Size: 16 inches
• Shoe Size: 11 US
• Suit Size: 40R

Physical Appearance:
For a creature older than the world, Takashi is surprisingly good-looking for his age with raven black hair and mysterious obsidian eyes that can burn deep into a person’s soul. Physique wise he’s just above average, being no taller than most nor more muscular than others, appearing to be no more than the average joe. His appeal is found in the details, those subtle body tone definitions, those fiery eyes betraying his emotions and the subtlest of smiles intriguing the minds. Time has defined him, the youth of his outward appearance being but a disguise to his ancient wisdom beneath that stern expression. Absent of scars, tattoos or even subtle imperfections in his complexion, he’s evidence of the cleansing nature of fire that gives him a curious glowing aura that adds a certain warmth to his person. Everything about Takashi is subtle, the strength and speed residing in that average looking body of his, the faintest hint of swagger added to each step, even that distorted reflection that shows of his true nature as an eternity old phoenix sent from heaven...

Fenghuang Appearance:

Takashi is what legends describe as the Fenghuang, the original phoenix born as a byproduct from the Sun’s initial ignition which reflects in the splendor and magnificence of his true form. The Fenghuang phoenix is a majestic beast enormous in size with wings reaching nearly two hundred feet wide in an assortment of brilliant colors. Gold, scarlet and azure plumage cover this grand bird from head to toe while six serpentine tails tipped with brilliant golden feather tips move freely with each slap of its wings. Eyes of liquid fire stare down on the world below with talons and a beak out of solid gold to rip apart its victims. When it first emerges, the Fenghuang erupts in a burst of light so bright it seems to be born out a second sun standing high on the horizon. Once the heavenly shining light fades the phoenix for most is still too bright to look straight at, like a bird of fire on the sky…

Phoenix Physiology
Takashi can embrace his true nature and transform in the magnificence that is the grand Fenghuang phoenix, the true son of the Sun. For the appearance see the sub header above. In his true form as a phoenix, he possesses all the abilities associated with that mythical bird; flights, speed, power and healing tears are but a glimpse of the Fenghuang’s abilities that can swoop down from the heavens and scorch the land as if the Sun itself touched down upon the planet’s surface for in the phoenix true presence everything and everyone burns…

Sancti-Pyrokinetic Combat
Takashi can manipulate holy flames, which are especially effective against evil and demons as they’re inextinguishable by normal or magical means. Only the Fenghuang is extremely miraculous as both life and creation is guaranteed on the target combining holy fire with intense physical combat. He can surrounding his entire body in holy fire to enhance the damage in his blows, summoning beings from holy fire to do his bidding and even engulfing the opponent in intense, unquenchable fires capable of causing instant death. It may also trap and immobilize angels or demons, rather than killing them outright giving them the opportunity to repent for their crimes before the holy fire consumes them…

Ash Resurrection
Upon death, Takashi’s body turns into ash, burst into flames until it is ash before he come out anew. It is a passive ability, so it happens the instant he is killed allowing him to be reborn over and over again whenever fatality strikes him down. With each resurrection his memory gets erased, cleansed in the fires that consumed the old to bring forth the new. The average phoenix however is reborn as an infant, whereas Takashi as a Fenghuang gets reborn into the body of his choosing never getting even a single day older…

Judgment Day
The killing of a phoenix is an atrocious act, a deed cursing one’s soul to eternal torment yet but to slay a Fenghuang will unleash a punishment worse than Hell. Judgment Day the event is called when a Fenghuang is murdered by evil intend for when the sacred son of the Sun dies and gets reborn an inferno of holy-fire erupts that scorches all evil. The righteous and earnest remain untouched by the flames whereas those guilty of crimes and sins will endure the torture of the fire cleansing their soul. It burns away flesh and crackles bones and scalds the corruption away. Demons instantly perish within the inferno, creatures of shadows and darkness consumed by the blinding light while those with some good still left in them will endure a true testament to their purity. Only those with enough goodness in their hearts can survive Judgment Day but once Takashi dies, the ability is beyond is his control…

Healing Tears
Takashi has tears that can heal any wound it touches on any living being including humans, animals, even plants. If the healing properties in the tears are potent enough, they can cure poison and diseases and even revive the dead by crying on them. The latter is only possible when Takashi is revealed in his true form for the revival of the deceased demands almost divine intervention yet in human disguise his tears are still considered a perfect cure for almost every sickness known to mankind. The efficiency of Phoenix tears even those of a Fenghuang is limited to a narrow time window however, making it impossible to collect the tears in advance of their use; this means only a fresh tear shed over the wounded or sickened will have that miraculous curing effect, whereas aged tears in bottles are no better than a coody shot…

Incineration Touch
Where the average Phoenix is affiliated with fire, their ability to control the flames seems mundane compared to the Incineration Touch of the Fenghuang. With but a single touch Takashi can incinerate anyone and anything, reducing a whole man to ashes in a matter of seconds. There’s no external heat involved as the energy drawn from Holy-Fire is directly conducted into the target’s body, burning them with a heat so intense it rivals the scorching blaze of the Sun itself. Only truly divine creatures, archangels and holy gods can withstand the touch, yet strong fiends can endure its effect long enough to plot an escape for the effects vary from target to target. A regular mortal gets incinerated in a matter of seconds, a corrupt demigod in a minute and higher ranked beings sacred or cursed take even more time before the damage becomes irreparable…

Luminescent Aura
The Fenghuang is considered a divine creature blessed on the world by the Sun itself and with such a legacy, this mythical beast is marked by a Luminescent Aura. Even in human disguise Takashi appears to be glowing with heavenly light that has a soothing comforting effect on those he encounters. The light itself intensifies or fades depending on his emotional state at that time going from a subtle glow to a blinding fury of pure light so intense it burns the eyes and banishes the darkness all around him. Similar to angels, in particular Archangels, the Fenghuang is his true form has such a powerful aura, his appearance on the sky will be compared to rising of a second sun. For the honest and kind the light poses no threat other than temporary blindness yet creatures of darkness will find its presence poisonous, the light becoming like a ravenous disease devouring them with each shadow conquered…

Birth Marks:



Cologne: Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford
Natural: Warm apple pie


Fashion & Makeup:
Takashi is ever classically dressed with formal pants, suit jackets and crisp clean monogrammed shirts befitting his official station in the city of Hollows. Few ever get the privilege seeing him in civilian clothes but even then Takashi maintains a charming swagger look…

Sociability & Emotionality:
Takashi is a an authority figure in Hollows and demands to be addressed in the manner appropriate to said station. He’ll insist on folks using his formal title as Chief of Police, demanding nothing other than perfection from the men in his department and tolerating no mistakes. He leads the HPD just like he leads his own life with an iron fist and rigid code of honor. This attitude is presented outward making Takashi often appear like a hard-ass. That notion is true at many occasions yet he’s not without a heart. Only shown to his agents in his private office to avoid looking weak, this young looking police chief can sometimes surprise people with a moment of sympathy and compassion making him often understand the difficulties cops face in the field. Away from judging eyes Takashi can actually be considered a friendly individual who can sit down and hear your troubles before offering sound advice. That face of the police chief is never seen in public for to the world for right now the city needs someone who remains in control during the Underground crisis…

Nobody is harder on Takashi than him constantly demanding perfection in everything he does. Time has the curious effect of putting all things in perspective making him patient to the point of virtually stagnant allowing Takashi to plan any course of actions slowly but perfectly. He approaches life like a chess game considering every word and move carefully before acting. Having lived for centuries has numbed him emotionally however, making watch the one’s he loves die whilst time barely touched him. Till this day Takashi has kept people at a distance by maintaining a detached daredevil attitude and a chauvinistic swagger. All know it’s nothing but a façade and yet few have been able to break through that protective emotional barrier of his. What most however admire about their new police chief is his rigid code of honor and his unyielding sense of duty; he’ll embrace death if it means keeping the people of Hollows safe. He strictly plays by the book, no surprise as over the millennia he was responsible for more than half the rules in that ‘policeman’ manual.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Takashi’s greatest strength is found in the inevitable event in every Phoenix’s life: death. Whenever an ordinary phoenix expires, they’ll burst into a storm of flames that melts everything in their path but the effect is multiplied by a factor of a hundred when facing a Fenghuang. When Takashi gets killed, the process of resurrection is paired with a volatile percussion that cleanses a thousand yard radius of all evil. Unlike fire, sunlight is released, pure and holy energy sweeping through the area burning only those corrupted by the seeds of evil leaving the innocent unaffected with the exception of temporary blindness that fades. Dying is a Fenghuang’s greatest gift to the world, a revelation setting all free from sin…

Time is the second strength Takashi wields and he does this with an efficacy unrivalled by anything alive today. A phoenix never truly dies, yet gets reborn over and over again until the world has no more use them. The Fenghuang arrived when the earth first began and will remain its sacred guardian until the end of the planet’s days. When facing his opponents, he will plan ahead carefully biding his time until the perfect opportunity to strike itself is presented to him. He can wait for hours, days even months if necessary to rid the world from the burdens that encumber them with one grand act of sacrifice. He’ll plan for years, centuries even eras if necessary to come up with the appropriate response to the growing threat having recently set his mind on ridding the city of Hollows of the evil corrupting it…

Killing a phoenix is a difficult task but not impossible, but the same thing cannot be said for the Fenghuang. Considering the fact Takashi was born as a byproduct of the sun’s first ignition, it’s only logical his true death would be paired by extinguishing of the sun, something impossible even with all the powers of evil combined. Regardless the Fenghuang can be killed but only when all the pieces of an intricate ritual are carefully assembled. First one must restrain the creature in its natural form, a feat not so easily accomplished as almost all materials incinerate on contact with a Fenghuang. Rope made out of phoenix feathers would do the trick but that’s only one part of rite. Second comes the alignment of the planets, all the planets between the sun and the earth must align perfectly at the same time of a full solar eclipse. When the sun is completely blocked out by the moon, the Fenghuang must be killed, causing Judgment Day to take place. If one manages to survive the blast, something only the purest of heart could do, one must collect the ashes in urns of sanctified silver. Thirty-two urns total for one must be buried at the each cardinal points of the compass. Each urn must be put in its respective place before the eclipse is passed else the sun will reignite those ashes and the Fenghuang gets reborn with a vengeance…

Like every cop, Takashi is handicapped by his strict sense of justice that makes him predictable in a sense. A wounded civilian suffices to draw him out even if he’s well aware of the trap that waits ahead. Saving people is in his nature, protecting the innocent part of his way of life and so justice does come second when lives are at stake. And as an officer of the police force, even in Hollows Takashi must abide a set of rules and laws, restricting him to go after the city’s enemies with whatever means are necessary. Where evil, in particular the Kingpin and its minions can move unrestricted, as chief of police he can’t sometimes having to let the guilty go on a technicality. The good guy doesn’t always win and that’s a frustrating thing Takashi endured over the past centuries as the struggle between good and evil continues to escalate. Even his own officers won’t be permitted to bend the rules, making Takashi just as tough on his own men as he is on the criminals he hunts down. This makes him an unpopular member of the H.P.D. causing tangible friction between him and the cops patrolling the streets…

Interests & Hobbies:
Ever since the first combustion engine got mounted onto the vehicle that today is known as the car, Takashi has been obsessed with the fine-tuned mechanics of Japanese automobiles. The smell of gasoline, the purr of the engine tuned to perfecting, the screaming of tires spinning at 3000rpm make up a few of the traits that got him hooked on street racing. With hard labor, elbow grease and mechanical understanding he can spend what scarce time he’s got available for his own interests with his head under the hood of his custom tuned Lexus LFA and LF-NX. He does prefer the import car look over American muscle…

Beside cars Takashi still practices the ancient art of oriental calligraphy having perfected his technique over the many centuries he resided in the Far East. With quill or brush and natural inks or dyes he can spend countless hours on practicing a single stroke attempting to put all his emotions and believes within a lonely practiced word entrusted on paper. It’s a relaxing art used by Takashi to distract himself from all the worries accompanied with his job…

• Food: Tessa Sashimi
• Drink: Juyondai Sake
• Place: Mount Nantai
• Color: Amber Gold
• Trait: Honesty

• Food: McDonalds
• Drink: Heineken
• Place: Moscow
• Color: Pink
• Trait: Liar

Takashi first arrived in Hollows with vengeance on his mind but even with his worst foe banished to the shadows it first came from and revenge was his, it didn’t fill the emptiness in his life. Instead he finds himself stuck in a city doomed to spiral down into mayhem the second he leaves. Now he reluctantly serves in the position of police chief in a city he cares nothing for amongst people that don’t know what evil lurks in the shadows. Guilt driven he stayed in his function still hoping to find a glimmer of hope to cling onto; he’s been looking for his place in Hollows ever since. Today he’s most known to crack the whip down on the mess known as the Hollows Police Department that is undergoing a drastic change under his reign. He heads out to cleanse the streets of evil, ready to sweep his broom through the underground of this Colorado city. With a new kingpin in town Takashi might just have found another reason to stay but only time will tell…

Song and or Playlist:


Takashi prefers to abstain from the use of firearms but when pushed in a corner his first resource to fall back to is the modern high-frequency sword strapped to his back. Rather than improving the cutting edge of the blade, the powerful vibrations produced by this weapon negate the incinerating effects of Takashi’s touch. Performance wise it’s your average ninjato style sword with a modern twist…

Additional info:
Takashi Onizuka had several of his own Fenghuang feathers enchanted by the White Lady, one of China’s most mythical sorceresses. Within those feathers a powerful binding is entrusted that when ignited by the original flame, that of the Fenghuang himself will conjure an Old World manor house set amidst classic French Gardens. The estate is a perfect copy of the mansion Takashi Onizuka called his home when the world still knew him as Treize Khushrenada. Within this estate there’s a magical library created by magic beyond even the Fenghuang’s understanding that allows his infinite life cycles to be recorded for the coming generations. With each resurrection, a new journal gets added to the collection describing the thoughts, memories and events of that cycle allowing the mind erased to familiarize itself once more with its ageless past. When the Fenghuang dies and the cycle starts anew after Judgment Day, the manor disappears like a mirage before the sun only to reappear before its lawful owner who can produce the feather needed for the ‘summoning’ ritual…

July 1st 2014
Dusk arrived in a deep crimson glow as the sun slipped beyond the horizon yet somehow in the sun’s final moments above these lands it seemed to go all of a sudden brighter. For a moment it appeared as if the sun approached this world, this city in particular for in a flash of fire something arrived from the west. Like a comet it struck down in a field just outside of Hollows, shadows fleeing before the light in the moment between dusk and sunset. Then all that remained was smoke and embers, fading fires set all along the course of that strange ‘arrival’. The dust settled, the fog cleared and amidst the molten ruins of the Sun’s final moments of the day a man emerged with a complexion glowing with an unnatural brightness. Animals gathered around the clearing in the field, driven by a natural curiosity that confirmed this stranger posed no threats to those pure of heart. Birds settled about his person, small wildlife boldly making those first steps towards the man that fell from the skies. Bordeaux was the color of its shirt, crisp tailored trousers portraying a figure that stood out from the green surroundings around him. And yet somehow he belonged…

The figure crossed through those grassy fields, the slender palms of wheat brushing along the bottom of his pants as it made its way towards a vast clearing where the forest met the meadows. His hand moved towards the air, fingers tracing a curious pattern in the sky and like magic the air started to behave most curiously. Behaving like water, ripples stirred beneath the tips of his fingers as the illusion slowly began to dissipate. The fields overgrown with golden ripe grain transformed, the path through the grass cut by the traveler shifting into a private road that led up to a cast-iron gate that opened up to an Old World manor set in classic French style gardens with delicately trimmed hedges and marble pathways leading up to the a fourteenth century estate. The property seemed out of place, almost as if it’d been transferred from another time and place to this particular location. The stranger let something fall to the ground, a golden plume dropping to the threshold of that gate that ignited on contact with the earth. In a matter of seconds the feather was consumed by the fire and while the golden color of that plume faded, the manor became more ‘solid’. The illusion became reality and the reality became illusion, just as the stranger had been promised…

With the night still young, the stranger continued to the main door of the manor, through the lavish gardens without paying nature even the slightest attention. His focus was reserved for the Old World manor whose doors magically opened at the arrival of their latest owner. Instead of electricity, gas lamps came to life with flickering flames dancing in a spectacle of shadows that lit the path for the new resident. Doors closed and opened yet somehow the stranger knew exactly where he was heading, which appeared to be a library of sorts. Identical shelves filled with identical journals lined the walls, each book marked by a number that specified an order of sorts yet none of its previous residents ever figured out what kind of order. The language was unknown to mankind, the writing looking more like alien sigils rather than letters and words but somehow there is a message entrusted to those pages. The stranger knew that for blindly he picked a journal off a shelf, opened it up at the last filled in page for that’s where he’d left off last time. It would be a long couple of days, a process that with each event would grow more time consuming for with each resurrection, the previous life and is memories were erased. That’s the faith of the Fenghuang, the true son of the Sun for when its time was up and it turned to ashes, it was reborn anew a clean slate with the same purpose it served since the dawn of time…

Journal entry: April 25th 2014
The information on the Kingpin named Grither has been confirmed and verified yet for reasons unknown the current chief of police has yet to make a decisive move against the menace that’s been terrorizing this city. The people are suffering and Hollows will soon revolt against the incompetence of authority. When that happens, evil will have triumphed and an age of despair will be introduced to all denizens of this planet. I’ve received my orders and conclude there’s an err in my superior’s reasoning. For centuries now have I hunted the fiend of shadows known as the Grither, having followed it throughout the many cursed chapters in the world’s history and ever did it elude me. I’ll not stand down, not now that I’ve come so close. Tonight I’ll face evil on my own and embrace the sacrifice that I must make to rid this world of its Shadow. Here in this suffering, all previous believes are called into question. They are consumed in the fire sparked and fueled by our own illusion. The pain becomes the ashes we are now entombed in and it’s only when we find ourselves at this imprisoned of junctures that we emerge again, the phoenix of our very life which is ever so much more beautiful than the last. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and from the old the new shall be reborn, stronger and brighter than ever before. That will be my final gift to this world, my sincerest sacrifice to start life for Hollows anew unbound of shadows…

July 11th 2014
Ten days had passed, each moment of them spent reading every journal in this expansive library that describes in all details all the events, ideas and ambitions he’d once witnessed. He’d learnt from the past, a process few of its lesser siblings had embraced for the Fenghuang had a responsibility. To protect and defend the world and all its natural denizens. He’d learnt his own name and all those mankind had addressed him with and for this life, a new name felt appropriate. Takashi Onizuka. Guessing by his reflection in the mirror, a stranger staring back at him in that polished glass, the world would indeed believe him as a Takashi Onizuka. The Orient, the place where he’d first emerged from the ages of slumbering within the snow-capped mountains had marked him with its characteristic complexion and the ebony black hair so often found in folks from the land of the rising sun. So the name would have to make due. On the desk in the library - his home for the past ten days – he’d found the letter he’d addressed to himself before that sacrificial day holding paperwork and a badge, the polished golden shield belonging to the station of Police Chief in Hollows. It seemed even in the previous cycle he’d known the city would not be freed by a single selfless act, once more placing the responsibilities on his shoulders. So be it, he thought to himself as Takashi for the first time ever stepped out of the Old World manor towards his destiny. Behind him in that library a new journal was laid upon the desk, blank pages with a phoenix feather quill enchanted to write down the annals of his newest life cycle…


Takashi’s most prized possession is parked on his spot at the H.P.D. where it draws a crowd of envious police officers staring at that brushed chrome colored Lexus LFA supercar. Combining the light-weight carbon fiber body with a hand-built V10 engine tuned to perfect, this is the ultimate chase-car known to mankind. Performing at the same level as those Formula One racecars, Takashi takes pride and joy in speeding through Hollows. After his undercover assignment in Tokyo where he was introduced to the street racing community, Takashi developed a need for speed and put his magical touch on his beloved car. With the upgrades including a short throw shift kit and shifter stabilizer that monster on wheels clocks out at a top speed of 260mph without even hitting the red…

Not even available on the US market, Takashi had his second ride shipped to Hollows using his special police chief privileges to get it through customs unchecked and untouched. The Lexus LF-NX is a concept compact crossover SUV completely armored and fitted for a roadside battlefield. The 2.0L engine produces enough horsepower to push this urban tank from zero to sixty under 4 seconds without forfeiting the mobility and maneuverability that makes this concept car the show-car on the Tokyo Motor Show…

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