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Takashi Onizuka

Sung Kang

Tanner (for friends)
Chief Onizuka (police title)
Treize Khushrenada (previous)

“I believe in the love that changes sorrow into strength”

“I will correct the mistakes brought on by your weakness”

“The one whose heart is pure will not act recklessly, but will instead be free of mind”




Social Status:
Police Chief


Relationship Status:
Widowed (thrice)

Age - Looks:

Age - Actual:
Mid-Twenties (recently reborn)
Born when the Sun first ignited (4.6 billion years)

Core of the Sun

Date of birth:
Approximately 4.6 billion years ago

Current residence:

Other residences before Hollows:
China (dawn of time)
Nepal (10th till 12th century)
China (14th till 19th century)
Tokyo (20th & 21st two centuries)

Hair Color:
Raven black

Eye Color:
Obsidian black



Skin tone:
Peach oriental

Blood Type:

Male at minimum
• Chest Size: 42 inches
• Waist Size: 34 inches
• Biceps Size: 16 inches
• Shoe Size: 11 US
• Suit Size: 40R

Physical Appearance:
For a creature older than the world, Takashi is surprisingly good-looking for his age with raven black hair and mysterious obsidian eyes that can burn deep into a person’s soul. Physique wise he’s just above average, being no taller than most nor more muscular than others, appearing to be no more than the average joe. His appeal is found in the details, those subtle body tone definitions, those fiery eyes betraying his emotions and the subtlest of smiles intriguing the minds. Time has defined him, the youth of his outward appearance being but a disguise to his ancient wisdom beneath that stern expression. Absent of scars, tattoos or even subtle imperfections in his complexion, he’s evidence of the cleansing nature of fire that gives him a curious glowing aura that adds a certain warmth to his person. Everything about Takashi is subtle, the strength and speed residing in that average looking body of his, the faintest hint of swagger added to each step, even that distorted reflection that shows of his true nature as an eternity old phoenix sent from heaven...

Fenghuang Appearance:

Takashi is what legends describe as the Fenghuang, the original phoenix born as a byproduct from the Sun’s initial ignition which reflects in the splendor and magnificence of his true form. The Fenghuang phoenix is a majestic beast enormous in size with wings reaching nearly two hundred feet wide in an assortment of brilliant colors. Gold, scarlet and azure plumage cover this grand bird from head to toe while six serpentine tails tipped with brilliant golden feather tips move freely with each slap of its wings. Eyes of liquid fire stare down on the world below with talons and a beak out of solid gold to rip apart its victims. When it first emerges, the Fenghuang erupts in a burst of light so bright it seems to be born out a second sun standing high on the horizon. Once the heavenly shining light fades the phoenix for most is still too bright to look straight at, like a bird of fire on the sky…

Phoenix Physiology
Takashi can embrace his true nature and transform in the magnificence that is the grand Fenghuang phoenix, the true son of the Sun. For the appearance see the sub header above. In his true form as a phoenix, he possesses all the abilities associated with that mythical bird; flights, speed, power and healing tears are but a glimpse of the Fenghuang’s abilities that can swoop down from the heavens and scorch the land as if the Sun itself touched down upon the planet’s surface for in the phoenix true presence everything and everyone burns…

Sancti-Pyrokinetic Combat
Takashi can manipulate holy flames, which are especially effective against evil and demons as they’re inextinguishable by normal or magical means. Only the Fenghuang is extremely miraculous as both life and creation is guaranteed on the target combining holy fire with intense physical combat. He can surrounding his entire body in holy fire to enhance the damage in his blows, summoning beings from holy fire to do his bidding and even engulfing the opponent in intense, unquenchable fires capable of causing instant death. It may also trap and immobilize angels or demons, rather than killing them outright giving them the opportunity to repent for their crimes before the holy fire consumes them…

Ash Resurrection
Upon death, Takashi’s body turns into ash, burst into flames until it is ash before he come out anew. It is a passive ability, so it happens the instant he is killed allowing him to be reborn over and over again whenever fatality strikes him down. With each resurrection his memory gets erased, cleansed in the fires that consumed the old to bring forth the new. The average phoenix however is reborn as an infant, whereas Takashi as a Fenghuang gets reborn into the body of his choosing never getting even a single day older…

Judgment Day
The killing of a phoenix is an atrocious act, a deed cursing one’s soul to eternal torment yet but to slay a Fenghuang will unleash a punishment worse than Hell. Judgment Day the event is called when a Fenghuang is murdered by evil intend for when the sacred son of the Sun dies and gets reborn an inferno of holy-fire erupts that scorches all evil. The righteous and earnest remain untouched by the flames whereas those guilty of crimes and sins will endure the torture of the fire cleansing their soul. It burns away flesh and crackles bones and scalds the corruption away. Demons instantly perish within the inferno, creatures of shadows and darkness consumed by the blinding light while those with some good still left in them will endure a true testament to their purity. Only those with enough goodness in their hearts can survive Judgment Day but once Takashi dies, the ability is beyond is his control…

Healing Tears
Takashi has tears that can heal any wound it touches on any living being including humans, animals, even plants. If the healing properties in the tears are potent enough, they can cure poison and diseases and even revive the dead by crying on them. The latter is only possible when Takashi is revealed in his true form for the revival of the deceased demands almost divine intervention yet in human disguise his tears are still considered a perfect cure for almost every sickness known to mankind. The efficiency of Phoenix tears even those of a Fenghuang is limited to a narrow time window however, making it impossible to collect the tears in advance of their use; this means only a fresh tear shed over the wounded or sickened will have that miraculous curing effect, whereas aged tears in bottles are no better than a coody shot…

Incineration Touch
Where the average Phoenix is affiliated with fire, their ability to control the flames seems mundane compared to the Incineration Touch of the Fenghuang. With but a single touch Takashi can incinerate anyone and anything, reducing a whole man to ashes in a matter of seconds. There’s no external heat involved as the energy drawn from Holy-Fire is directly conducted into the target’s body, burning them with a heat so intense it rivals the scorching blaze of the Sun itself. Only truly divine creatures, archangels and holy gods can withstand the touch, yet strong fiends can endure its effect long enough to plot an escape for the effects vary from target to target. A regular mortal gets incinerated in a matter of seconds, a corrupt demigod in a minute and higher ranked beings sacred or cursed take even more time before the damage becomes irreparable…

Luminescent Aura
The Fenghuang is considered a divine creature blessed on the world by the Sun itself and with such a legacy, this mythical beast is marked by a Luminescent Aura. Even in human disguise Takashi appears to be glowing with heavenly light that has a soothing comforting effect on those he encounters. The light itself intensifies or fades depending on his emotional state at that time going from a subtle glow to a blinding fury of pure light so intense it burns the eyes and banishes the darkness all around him. Similar to angels, in particular Archangels, the Fenghuang is his true form has such a powerful aura, his appearance on the sky will be compared to rising of a second sun. For the honest and kind the light poses no threat other than temporary blindness yet creatures of darkness will find its presence poisonous, the light becoming like a ravenous disease devouring them with each shadow conquered…

Birth Marks:



Cologne: Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford
Natural: Warm apple pie